Thursday, July 12, 2007

you don't really wanna mess with me

Wow. They don't put up with any bullshit in China, do they?
If we executed dishonest people in positions of power in the USA,
there probably wouldn't be any politicians left to run the gub'ment.
If bribes didn't get 'em, cheating on their spouses would.

Vlad writes: "Goddess,
You actually still HANG laundry? Are u using
Mike's #150 test to do it with?"
Hmmm, do I want to know what Mike's #150 test is? The only test of South's that I know is the "walking through the mall naked while maintaining your erection" test to get into porn, and I don't think that applies here. (Does it?)
YES! I still HANG laundry, Vlad.
<--This is me in action...well, I WOULD be in action if gifs worked on Blogger!
(I, too, am bald, round and yellow.)
I find it hard to believe that no one south of the Mason Dixon Line hangs out their laundry. Course south of the Mason Dixon Line the laundry would probably be STOLEN and/or sooty from the smog. You forget I'm living in the country in the North where the air is clean and the livin' is too. And no way am I handing my hard earned $ over to the electric company when I can just as easy dry my clothes outside for FREE.

I seriously need to either buy a new camera or check out new batteries. I looked out the window yesterday, and there in the front yard, was a groundhog standing on his hind legs eating a hot dog bun. It was the funniest sight. I tossed them out for the birds because they were stale, and I thought I ripped them all up, but I must have missed one.

May I extend my deepest sympathies to the people of England...
17.5%?! That's just insane. And what makes me laugh is that instead of addressing this issue with the food companies and forcing them to make healthier products,
they penalize the consumers, who are more than likely addicted to the sugar.
And if you honestly believe you're not addicted to sugar, just try not eating it for four days.


BRUNO said...

Don't think for ONE minute it won't happen HERE as well---and SOON!!!

Maybe you should save a little of that pity for OURSELVES...!

The last time the U.S. started kickin' this around, it was targeting ALL sodas---there was NO PROVISION for the exemption of DIET, SUGAR-FREE, snacks and sodas!

It really ain't about the "health-issues" after all, is it?

Fathairybastard said...

Those folks have been bent over the table and raped by the tax man for over 200 years. Amazing. Yep, just wait. It'll happen here.