Saturday, July 14, 2007

who's gonna drive you home tonight?

Wow. Just when you think kids can't come up with any more dumb ideas....

What a difference in generations. The keys to my dad's car could have been laying in the palm of my damn hand, and I would NEVER have even given a thought to taking them and going joy riding. This whole notion that leaving the keys hanging around the house is a "temptation" is crazy. You SHOULD be able to leave your keys in plain sight, and not have to think your kid is stealing your car behind your back. Damn.

The really pathetic part of this story is that so many of the kids are saying their parents ALLOWED them to drive before they were licensed. 44% of the parents surveyed said they allowed their child to drive unlicensed. What the hell are they thinking? Sadly, you reap what you sow. A 14 year old does NOT have the emotional intelligence to be behind the wheel and make split second life or death decisions. Hell, a lot of us adults don't have that.

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BBC said...

As I recall

As a kid I was too dumb to have ideas

Well, I had a high IQ but I wasn't using it

It didn't matter if the keys were around, I learned to hot wire cars before I could get a license

Ah, mining town, mining town mentality

But I wasn't wild like other kids, just went for peaceful little rides, I didn't become a racing idiot until later