Sunday, July 22, 2007

what a waste of a career

I can't believe two officers have lost their jobs over this stupid video.
Although five seconds into his dialogue, I felt Officer Grossbard should have been fired for his horrible Scottish accent. And for failing to get a clear shot of the hott cop in the convenience store. But to call this video "racy" because someone added "me so horny" is absurd.

The question uppermost in my mind, though, is if they're working, how do they have so much time to fool around and make videos? I know this was done on city time and while in uniform, and that's why they were really fired, but the "time" just didn't fit the "crime". There was no malicious intent here. Suspension without pay for a few weeks should have been enough. I do love the media's efforts to make this vid sound like it borders on porn.

(Click on "watch video" to the right of the story)


Mushy said...

Ah, some of our local area's finest! Doing what they do best...goof off!

Abuse of work time is abuse regardless of the intent.

Besides, they didn't look hott enough to me to get a pardon! Not that I'm into cops!

*Goddess* said...

What gives with the Tennessee cops lately?!

Sure he's hott enough for a pardon. Hell, I'll personally pardon 'em all;) Especially the hottie in the convenience store we didn't get to see!

BBC said...

I said, "When my husband and I are having oral sex in the car, the gear shift is constantly hitting me in the side.


Buy an old Rambler, the seats tilt back flat. I owned a few of them in my twenties and they where great. Well, ya gotta watch where ya park if yur not in the trailer park. :-)

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Jeez, any one who risks being shot at to draw a paycheck deserves to be cut a little slack every once in a while. Anyhow tell me of ANYONE who hasn't goofed off work at some point? (Even though I was the boss, I still sure as hell did.)