Sunday, July 01, 2007

there are times when all the worlds asleep the questions run too deep

If you're bored, email FHB and ask him to send you a copy of one of his history tests. Good farking grief. I told him that if I was in his class, at some point I'd just have to come right out and ask him how many blowjobs to graduate. Oy, the stuff I've forgotten. I missed two out of the true/false, but then I missed the majority of multiple "guess" questions and I only got ONE of his fill in the blank questions. And don't even ASK about the essay question.

Today I actually watched a half hour of "Slap Shot." The movie was filmed in my
hometown in 1977, and I've never even seen the damn thing. Can I just say the last half hour is hella boring when you have no idea what went on in the first hour and a half. I liked Newman in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," but other than that, I've never been much of a fan. Anywho, the parade at the end? That's the "city" I drive through every day to get to work. In the one shot during the parade where they're showing the credits, you can see a section of the steel mills in the background. My dad worked there. The city is a lot nicer now, and it's got a charming, quaint feeling to it.

Some people's AUDACITY never ceases to amaze me. Overtime Hawg worked last night and tonight. When I came in this morning she asked me to do something that she should have done. It would only have taken her two minutes at the most to do it. After she left, I said to Boss #2, "So what did you and Overtime Hawg do last night?"
She said, "Oh, we watched game shows all evening." I don't mind doing ANY one a favor, but when you sit on your ass watching tv instead of doing your work, and then ask me to do it, that's USING me and you can freaking forget it. It's still undone and if she says anything to me, I'm well prepared with my "Oh, I was too busy to do that" excuse. Yeah, it smells of shit every bit as much as her lame ass request.
My husband said, "Didn't take her long to get back to her lazy bullshit."
My one co-worker's mother worked with her at another job, and the first thing she said about her was that she had a habit of asking everyone else to do her work.


Fathairybastard said...

That is a hard one. Culls out some of the chaff, if ya know what I mean. Gets the slackers to ether bare down, or get the fuck out. You'd a done a lot better if you'd sat though the lecture. There'd be no need in the end for sexual favors, not that this isn't a persistent fantasy of mine. Oh course, if you're just compelled...

And I saw that movie when it came out, and watched the last 30 min. of it earlier on TV. You should rent the uncut version. It's hilarious. The Hanson brothers rule!

And that asshole at yer job needs a beatin'. Tedious suck ups always seem to advance ahead of hard workers. Life sucks, and then you die, I guess.

*Goddess* said...

Do you really think suck ups get ahead? I've noticed that they SEEM to get ahead, but the person they're sucking up to tends to get sick of them after awhile. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part;)