Monday, July 09, 2007

that's my prerogative

It's going to be in the 90's today in Pennsylvania.
I blame Al Gore and his damn Live Earf Concert!!! Then again, I'm sure those guitars and amps and lights were all solar powered, right, Al?

It's bad enough that *I* know my site stats suck lately, but South emailed me the other day and said, "Not that anyone will notice, but..." and then he proceeds to tell me about a broken link I have.
Et tu, Brute?

I caught part of this story on Headline Prime Sunday afternoon: a woman who had been stabbed was lying on the floor of a convenience store bleeding to
death and five customers stepped over her. One ASSHOLE
stopped to take a cell phone picture, then kept on shopping. It's frightening how disconnected we've become. Frightening and disgusting.
Another disgusting story on CNN yesterday was that of two girls--11 and 12 yrs.o.--who kidnapped a 1 year old boy and asked for $200k in ransom.
When asked for his reaction to the story, the girls' stepfather said, "Kids will be kids." Unbelievable. Then he goes on to say there are kids out there selling drugs, as if kidnapping is so much more justifiable than selling drugs. Thank goodness these girls are just kidnapping small children and aren't out there committing serious crimes like selling drugs!
I hope these chicks don't aspire to be professional kidnappers because if they do, they seriously need to work on their plotting skills. They came into the couple's house, took the baby and left a ransom note on the couch.They instructed the couple to leave the $200k on the same couch and they'd be back for it later. Good fucking grief. Why not just give them your home address and have them drop the money off?

The offspring are trying to convince me to get one of these motorized scooters like the cops use. I said, "You honestly expect me to give up my sweet little Hoveround for a scooter? You'd force me to STAND and use my leg muscles?! How can you all be so heartless?" It's like I've raised a bunch of animals.

I was in the grocery store yesterday before work, and there was a guy in his early 20's in the store, along with his S.O. and their baby. May I just say, gentlemen, that nothing impresses a woman more than flagrant use of the word "fuck" in public.
And when you say it, make sure you say it loud enough for everyone within a three aisle radius to hear.
"I want some fucking lunch meat."
"I don't care what you fucking say, I'm buying some fucking nuts."
"We need some fucking baby wipes to wipe the fucking baby's butthole."

What a jerk. With him for a dad, the baby has my deepest sympathies.

My main site journal entry for today also contains a review of Explosive Fantasies by Playgirl. Even though it's more humorous than dirty, I shan't publish it here because I don't want to offend delicate sensibilities.


BBC said...

You're very interesting so I've bookmarked you.

I have an electric two wheel scooter, a Schwinn, it has a seat to sit on and is very handy.

Going to get pretty warm here today also. But it's so seldom really warm here that I'm going to enjoy it. It will just keep getting warmer here over time as they pave over the trailer park.

I'll bet your place isn't as you describe it at all. But mine is. :-)

I have a great view of the mountains though. Hugs.

BBC said...

Hey, that picture on your journal site reminds me a lot of a place I lived in the year I was in Arizona.

*Goddess* said...

If that's what it looks like in Arizona, I'm not moving there...LOL! Too much dry land in that pic to suit me.

Thanks for bookmarking me. I shall check out your site, BBC. I think I've seen you over on Carol's site.

BTW, a Hoveround is the only way to go!!

BRUNO said...

What, YOU, offend someone? Perish the thought! And delicate-sensitivities? Sheeit, we're all hardened-up like 3-week-old oatmeal cookies by now...!

Lin said...

That's it, I can tell that it's time you moved out to NM. Even the trailer parks here leave more room in between trailers for all the stuff that won't grow. And the Hoveround doesn't have to worry about things like going around things like trees. Lawnmowers? ... leave them behind in the carport, that Grim reaper jobbie works just fine once a season.

*Goddess* said...

I don't want to offend the people who don't like sex, Bruno....or who, for some unfortunate reason, ain't gettin' any;)

While using a sickle once a year SOUNDS attractive, Lin, cutting grass keeps my husband mighty busy...LOL. Need I say more?