Wednesday, July 25, 2007

such a fine sight to see

Found a new "Penis for Lunch" story for the link below. This one works. Thanks for letting me know it was defunct, Mushy!

Had a great dinner out last night with Mr. G to celebrate our upcoming 27th (and counting!) wedding anniversary. Along the way, the cyclists were coming through the area for the Tour deToona, so I got to see several area hott cops, standing along the road looking...........well, hott.

I mentioned watching the new TNT show, Saving Grace, the other day.
Grace is played by Holly Hunter, and she's a rough, tough cop who drinks too much and drives too fast. One night, while driving under the influence, she hits a man with her car and kills him.
She said something to the effect of, "Oh, God help me," and an angel appears and does just that.
This sort of stuff ONLY happens on tv. God has never sent an angel to me in a life or death situation. For instance, just the other night I was laying (lying? who gives a shit?) in bed, using my Hitachi wand. While it might sound like an instrument you use in a magical act, it's my electric vibrator. I was just on the verge of experiencing a Screaming O when Holly came into the room, turned in circles like a damn cat, and plopped her ass right down on the cord, yanking it from the wall socket. Immediately I said, "NOOOOOO! This can't be happening to me! God, move her ass off of that cord, pronto!!"
But did He? Nope. Did He send an angel to move her ass? Nope.
Now I'm sure there are those who would say, "Masturbation is wrong! That's why God didn't let you orgasm!"
To them, I'd say, "Surely God has more important worries than what I'm doing with my cooch!"
Except for that cord thing. He should be on top of that.
Anywho, this is a line from the show--yes, I was talking about Saving Grace--that I thought was great. This is after Grace has been "saved": "So I'm supposed to what? Change my life? Go to church? Be nice to people? That's bullshit."
TNT will be offering free eps online.

I love these vids of Michael Moore ripping into Wolf Blitzer. And Wolf's defending Sanjay like they're bf and gf.

Penis for lunch, anyone?
It's funny, damn it.
Notice how the people think it's funny, but they don't really want to admit that on tv, so they all immediately play the "kid card".


Mushy said...

It's probably just as good that the penis link is down...not sure I wanted to see it anyway!

FHB just rolled into town about 10 minutes ago...waiting for him to check in...then we'll see how bad he looks after 16 or more hours on the road!

*Goddess* said...

Awww,damn. It was just one of those highway signs that tell you to slow down? Somebody hacked it and changed it to read "Penis for Lunch"...LOL!

Looking forward to yakking to you two next week...

Chewy said...

Oh My! Cat's just seem to always know what one is up to. Hoochie Coochie.
Thanks for making me laugh.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

You have a PLUG-IN one?? Honey, you seriously need to up-grade.. (sheesh).

*Goddess* said...

Upgrade to what?! There's battery and there's plug-in. The battery jobbers are as weak as they come. Only thing left is plug-in. Unless you Brits have something I don't know about...

*Goddess* said...

Sure the cats do, Chewy. I don't even want to think about how many times they've jumped on me in the middle of a great moment...
Somebody just needs to clue the dog in.

Fathairybastard said...

I sweat to god, It wasn't me. And there were no hot cops visible along the way. I was avoiding them, flying low.

*Goddess* said...

AVOID the cops?! Why would anyone do that? *scratches head*