Tuesday, July 10, 2007

show me your screensaver!!

For the last few months,
<--this has been my screensaver. Every time my husband sees it, he says, "Why do you have a picture of cops' asses on your computer?"
And I say, "Honey, why NOT?" LOL!

I think this ss says I'm fun and innovative and creative. Ok, it says I like cop ass. Period.

What is your screensaver and what does it say about YOU?


Mushy said...

Mine is a shot I took at the Roger Water's concert back in May.

It says I'm still a rocker, even if there's snow on the mountain!

Other times I alternate with a beautiful nature shot I got on a hike...nothing canned, and nothing anyone else took.

I have a few friends that rely on me to keep them supplied with new background images, and I am happy to ablidge!

*Goddess* said...

I was using one of your pics for awhile. It was the winter shot of the Pass. Gorgeous.

BRUNO said...

Mine's an old TBM Avenger.(Mushys' seen it, he trimmed it for me!)It's kinda like ME---old, obsolete, generally useless, but, DAMN, everyone just LOVES to stand around and LOOK at it...!

*Goddess* said...

It's like you were speaking a foreign language, Bruno, but I googled the TBM Avenger, and now I know what it is. I'm shocked! I thought you'd have a picture of a tractor as your wallpaper!

BRUNO said...

I'm a man of great variety, sometimes!