Wednesday, July 04, 2007

the name of the place is i like it like that

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says that he will not allow Oliver Stone to do a documentary about him because "American cinema industry lacks culture and art".
"Lacks culture?" Pffffft. Obviously he's never seen Big Momma's House 1 OR 2.

Don't forget, if you want an invite to Spock, hit me up in an email. I originally had three invites and I sent those out, only to discover I now have 100 invites.
They're multiplying faster than freaking dust bunnies.

Gawd, this is weird, isn't it?

On one of his many commercials, Billy Mays, super pimp, says "There's nothing more frustrating than trying to cut a tomato with a dull knife." Oh,really, Billy?
How about being right in the middle of a glorious orgasm and your vibrator dies? No matter how much begging and pleading you do, it still doesn't start, Billy. How about that for frustration, Billy? Screw you, Billy! And your damn dull knives!!

As you may or may not know, Male Offspring #1 is still looking to "find himself" after graduating from high school last year. Female Offspring #3 came running into the trailer yesterday screaming about a job possiblity for him.
"I have the perfect job for you! You could work in vehicle crash testing."
I said, "Umm, do you really think he's qualified for that?"
She said, "Well, the news report said they use dummies..."

I heard on CNN that losing the ability to distinguish common smells is one of the first signs of Alzheimers, and if you lose your sense of smell, you should alert your doctor because it could signal cognitive difficulties. Weird.

Did you hear about the woman who is suing McDonald's for $4 million dollars? According to the news story I saw, she was born without arms and she uses her feet as hands. She drives with her feet and when using the drive through,
she hands the clerk her debit card with her foot and picks up her food with her feet. Two cashiers, at two different times refused to give her the food, so she's suing for four mill and wants McDonald's to promote more awareness of physical disablilities. The first thing thought that ran through my mind was " why in the world wouldn't they give her the food?! She paid for it. That should be their only concern." The second thought was that while
there's no doubt in my mind that she was humiliated by this situation, suing for four million dollars is insane. Who among us hasn't been insulted or embarrassed by something an idiot clerk said or did without thinking? Hell, some guy in Penn Hills was just arrested for punching a drive through clerk in the face because
he wasn't happy with the fact that she didn't say "please" and "thank you."
Like I said, I sincerely believe she was humiliated, but I don't think this warrants four million dollars by any means.

The Catholic Church in the Pittsburgh Diocese is paying to have a background check done 30,000 of it's volunteers to screen for sexual predators, even those who don't have any contact with children.
Gee, too damn bad they didn't think to do a background check on their own priests and seminarians.

I was wondering what happened to the Headline news celebrity
gossip chick, Adriana Costa, they used to have on every day. Seems like they couldn't even hint at a story from Hollywood without dragging her onto set and then all of a sudden she was gone. Now I see she's the hostess of "On The Lot," the Steven Speilberg "reality" show. I've never seen it, but yikes,
are the people ever hating her.


bugs said...

What in the heck is Spock?

And "On The Lot" is just as bad as everyone says it is. The host attempts to be a female Seacrest and she fails, horribly. It doesn't help that the rest of the show sucks, too.

Fathairybastard said...

"Spock" is apparently down for the count, like yer little friend. "D" size batteries baby, or triple "A"s?

*Goddess* said...

I've never seen the show, Bugs. When is it on? SPOCK is an advanced people search site. I guess it's like a big ole internet phone book. You list your name and any info you want people to have if they're looking for you. I haven't found anybody I know!

Well it didn't take their server long to take a nosedive. Batteries are for SISSIES, FHB. We're talking the Hitachi Wand alllllll the way;) BECAUSE of said "power failures"!