Wednesday, July 25, 2007

more of the weirdness that is Paula Abdul

Bugs sent me this link about Paula. Watch the video under "Creative Editing My Ass."

On her show, Paula has this huge emotional meltdown--one of many--about how the people behind the Bratz movie fired her after she's worked SOOOOO hard, blah blah. However, it's being reported that she QUIT.

I LOVE the line where she says, "where is God when you need Him?" If that huge chip ever fell off of Paula's shoulder, we might find out that she's much taller than she looks. What a phony.


david mcmahon said...

G'day Goddess,

Did she jump? Or was she pushed? And was it a good result for all concerned?

No, yes and yes, methinks!



Anonymous said...

I saw this clip two days ago and laughed at the part where she snapped at the assistants, "Please!! I'm trying to tell a story here!"

The whole show is a story, from start to end. And she's an exec prod on this one. WTF is wrong with her? How can she ok airing this footage that makes her look so bad and unstable???


*Goddess* said...

That is EXACTLY what struck me, Stacey. Especially the part where she was testing fragrances--I don't know if you saw that. She was down on the floor acting like a complete idiot, and yet SHE'S in charge of the damn footage! I kept thinking, "does she think this supports her statements that she's NOT on drugs?!" I guess that's why they kept repeating she was soooooo exhausted. Didn't fly with me.