Sunday, July 01, 2007

i'm thinking there must be more to life

Because I know I have a lot of helpful, insightful readers out there--ok, FIVE helpful, insightful readers--and because I'm tired of dealing with this issue, I'm going to ask for your opinions.

I have this "friend," who works with an asshole. Said asshole is always asking me---I mean, my "friend"-- to do stuff on the job that she has more than enough time to do for herself. KEEPING IN MIND, that you have to work with this person on a weekly basis, how would you handle the situation?


Anonymous said...

Easy, you tell her you also don't have time for whatever she's trying to pawn off on you and make a suggestion to her that if you both can't handle it, she should tell the bosses they are asking or expecting too much from the workers. And then make a comment right after like, "Go ahead. I'd like to see how well that goes over with them!" And leave it at that. She will eventually realise that if she wants the hours, she will make time to do the work while she's there. The key word here is no. Use it liberally. And if ever asked by the bosses why you said it so often, but honest about why you say it to that one co-worker in particular and no one else.


*Goddess* said...

My husband suggested something similar. He said to tell her that if she feels she can't get her work done in the alloted time, maybe the job is too much for her and she should cut back on her hours.

Lin said...

How about the subtle snarky approach by saying "You are SOOOO good at delegating work that you really should apply for a management position."

Or do a snotty French waiter thing and say "Madame, this is not my table!"

In reality, maybe the best thing to do is not enable but to just force yourself to say "Sorry but NO!". I bet you'll like the feeling when you do it, too.

*Goddess* said...

Oh, I have an UNLIMITED amount of snarky comments, Lin. The one that's always going through my mind is, "Anybody who has time to watch tv has time to do the job they were paid to do." BUT it's that having to see her damn ass every week that keeps me in check.

"Sorry but NO," huh? Sounds simple enough that it just might work. Thanks.

And thanks, Stacey.