Tuesday, July 10, 2007

if i could escape

I abso friggin' lutely LOVE my days off. Mr. G only had to work a half day, since he has no full day off this week. Because he starts so early in the morning, his half day ends at 9 a.m. I got up at 6:30, took Holly for a walk in the thick fog. It was lovely, despite the fact that it was starting to get humid already.We came home, and I hung out two loads of laundry, exercised, scrubbed the kitchen and by 11:30 was showered and back in my summery cotton p.j.'s. (P.J.'s.....they're not just for night time anymore.)
Mr. G was also showered after exercising, so he hit me up for some sex,
and by noon thirty we were both ready to nap. Sweet!

Any Dead Like Me fans out there? I'd like to know how Reggie's sister died? The one that was Cynthia Steveson's daughter on the show? I saw a couple eps, but not the beginning one, and I was kinda curious as to how she died. The show seemed interesting at first, then it got downright depressing.

These utility companies are getting ridiculous. Penelec raised it's prices and my electric bill went from $56 a month to $86. That's total BULLSHIT.

Bugs sends this stupid criminal story o'the day link. I'm sure he blended in on the streets every bit as much as the twit who painted his jeep camouflage colors.

McDonalds is very clever. They are giving six moms brand new laptops and access to their restaurants, processing plants, orchards--who knew McDonald's even HAD orchards--and test kitchens. This is a bid to get good press from moms, who generally agree that McDonald's food is not healthy. They get to keep the laptops and
McDonalds claims that they will have no control over what is written. I'm wondering though how these six were chosen out of 4000? While they aren't being paid, McDonalds will pay for their travel. McDonalds stresses that the moms are "journaling," not "blogging," so consumer comments to the entries will NOT be posted. I think that's a cop out. If McDonalds really believes in it's food, then it should allow an open flow of conversation concerning this subject.


Chewy said...

I'm eating a Wendy's Chicken Mandarin Salad as I read this... vegetables and fruit.

Anonymous said...

Oh, boy am I DLM fan! We watched both seasons as they originally aired and now own both seasons on DVD, plus I belong to the official Dead Like Me Facebook group!

To answer your question, George died in the pilot, from a toilet seat that fell from the Mir Space Station. She was out for lunch during her first day at Happy Time Temps and had just found a nice spot in a court yard to eat her hotdog when everyone started to scream up at the sky. She sorta did a slow look upwards just as the toilet seat, a huge ball of fire and gawd knows what else, slammed her into the ground. That's why her nickname in the reaper world is Toilet Seat Girl.

What else ya wanna know?


*Goddess* said...

Oooo, so that's why the need an orchard. LOL. I didn't think McDonald's knew what fruit was;)

I am sooo glad you asked, Stacey. Everyone who gets a post it, they're already dead,right? And if they're already dead, how the heck can everyone see them? And how did that rock singer, Kyle die? I was just at the beginning of that ep, when I got interrupted.

I like Cynthia Stevenson, she is every bit as quirky on this show as she is on Men In Trees.

Anonymous said...

Post-Its are made out by Rube, the head reaper of the waffle house clan. If a reaper is given one, on it is a first intial and last name, an address and a time. The time is when the person is scheduled to have their soul reaped by whomever Rube chooses to do the job. The names come in a large data printout stack (think old dot matrix paper stacks) that are delivered to Rube's dinky apartment. No one knows who delivers them, just that he will open up his door and there the bundle will be.

If a name is on the list, it can't be removed. No reaper is to circumvent or interfer. Some have tried, but Rube usually finds out and then all hell breaks loose because the natural order is broken and things will have to be covered up. This pisses Rube off to no end.

All of the reapers at the coffee shop are dead, yes, but the living world can see them and talk to them because they have new bodies (or undead vessels) in which to walk around in, and there are reapers at the DMV and other agencies that will issue SINs to reapers so they can get jobs to afford living in between reaps. For example, when George looks in the mirror, she sees another girl's body that looks very similar to hers (hair, shape, etc) but is dissimilar enough for her to get close to those who were in her living world without arousing suspicions or fright. Her sister Reggie suspects George is George even though she now doesn't look the same as when she was alive but doesn't tell anyone.

I don't recall any rock star besides the one Michael DeBarrs plays. I'm not sure if that's the one you mean. Give me the storyline for that eppy and I will be able to tell you from there.

The best line of the show regarding Cynthia's character happened in the pilot when she awoke George up the day after high school graduation at the ass-crack of dawn to force her to get dressed and get a job like the drill sargent she really is, "Who had the nerve to name you Joy??"


*Goddess* said...

Ok, so was the girl who talked to Reggie in the department store really her sister and not just a salesclerk?

How did Jasmine Guy's character die?

I wish now I had seen it from the beginning. It's good, but the dying stuff was getting depressing.

As for the rock star one, I only saw the beginning when they were in the restaurant and Rube was passing out "assignments". The dude with the accent wanted the rock star but he gave it to George. But he sent him along because apparently some one else was going to die, too? Then he asked Jasmine Guy to help but she refused. That's all I saw of it. His name was Kyle something in the ep--the big rock star singer.

Anonymous said...

Ok, just watched that eppy. It seems the chick, Jeannie who discovered Kyle, shot him as he was singing his first song to open his live accoustic tv concert. Roxy shot her afterwards.

The sales clerk was only being friendly with Reggie to get herself a huge commission. Seems she picks out all the little Reggies in the crowd and plys on the same lines and attention to those insecure tweens with Mummy's credit card, taking them under her wing and advising them of all the things they will need to buy to go with whatever garment they show any interest in. Reggie found out when she showed up at the store and was heartbreaken to discover she was a dime a dozen for the sales clerk, not a special buddy who could have a new sister substitute.

Roxy's death was due to strangulation by the hands of her college roommate. Seems Roxy went to a Fame school where she was a dance major. One day when she was late for dance class, she put her foot through the heel of sock and it end up all bunched up at her ankles. She liked the look so much, she cut off the toes and heels of her other sock and went to class. When her fellow students got a look at her new fashion garment that doubled as a muscle warmer, they were all clamouring for some from Roxy. Roxy was the unlikely inventor of the leg warmers and stook to make millions with her uncanny discovery. The jealous roommate saw Roxy as the only thing standing in her way of the millions, therefore Roxy had to go!


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typos. It's late and I'm knackered from a long, hot day at work.


*Goddess* said...

Thanks, Stacey. I thought maybe Roxy was killed as a cop, but now I guess she became a cop after she died. For some weird reason, I thought maybe they still had the same career when they were dead, as they did when alive.

Anonymous said...

It was never established what Rube did for a living before he died so with the exception of him and Roxy, all the rest go back to what they did when they were alive. George went back to Happy Time because that was her only job when she was alive for a whole day, Mason was in some shitty punk band doing drugs (and died from an o/d) so he bascially still scrounches around for scraps when he's not scheming to get rich quick with Daisy, who still trades on her looks and tries out for acting roles when she can.


*Goddess* said...

Crap. You mean to tell me I'm going to be stuck in this same line of work AFTER I die? LOL.....

Anonymous said...

Only if you decide that's the only thing you know, want to do and know how to do. Hee.

The only plus is that OTH will surely be dead a ver long time before you and may decide she doesn't want to work after she kicks it just like she does now while alive. Heeeeeeee!