Monday, July 30, 2007

i'd like to be under the sea

<---How could I have forgotten THIS little gem yesterday? There's no place like gnome...

When did my Sunday comics turn into mini soap operas?! For Better or For Worse is total drama and boring bullshit.
Cathy can't obsess about her weight any more if she tried. And what the hell is up with that damn Funky Winkerbean that they dropped into our paper recently? Please I know that if you cartoonists put your mind to it, you can make these comics way more depressing than they already are!!

Some of my friends told me about what good health results they got from putting a tsp. of sea salt in their drinking water. (tsp per gallon) So I decided to try it.
Damn. It was like drinking an enema. So I cut it down to 1/2 tsp per gallon. Yuck. It is definitely an acquired taste. It makes my stomach feel odd. Not nauseated, but it just feels weird.

Hmm, I know infomercials always toss in extras, but the ad for the razor that throws in a Chef's knife is a bit odd.
As if that wasn't funny enough, the offer for the razor that "lasts a lifetime" is buy one, get one free. If you only have one face and one lifetime, why do you need two razors?

I just saw a report on Headline News about how single women are leading child predators right to their kids by including info about the children in their online dating profiles. The investigator in the piece said that women should leave out any information about their kids and ESPECIALLY leave pics of the children out of their profiles.

Flipping channels Sunday, I heard more of "Scott Baio is 45 and Single." It's the same shit, different chick.
Once again, he was asking another chick from his past what his problem was. It makes me laugh that they all tell him he was a cheating, lying, irresponsible scumbag, and after they get finished telling him what an absolute jerk he was, he says, "I'm trying to figure out what the flaw in me is...?" Apparently the arrogant, lying prick thing doesn't ring any bells for Scott.

Some of the graduates from Class 355 of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Academy posting on the Fox forum have really ruined The Academy for me.
They're whiny and all pissed because they feel the show didn't portray them in a good light. Wow. A reality show that doesn't portray people in a flattering light. Can you imagine? Apparently they've never seen Hey, Paula. One condescending person said we were "living and breathing the show" and we weren't smart enough to realize it was edited for tv. Yeah, that would account for the big "DUH's" written on all of our foreheads. Another reminded us that the people in the show were real people, not "actors". Oh for Pete fucking sake. Another was all, "what if someone recognizes us in public? Our cover is blown." What freaking cover do they have? They're not in the James Bond Academy. Besides, the show airs on the Fox REALITY channel, not NBC. I know a ton of people who have never even HEARD of the station, let alone heard of the show. I can't believe how ungrateful they're being, though. Not one has been appreciative of the opportunity to be on television and part of a show that allows people to see what men and women go through in order to become deputy sheriffs. Hell, they aren't even grateful people are watching. If there's a season two of this show featuring a new class of recruits, I'm going to have to seriously think about whether or not I want to even watch it. Yeah, they've ruined it that much for me. One said they HAD to sign the waiver to be on tv. Nobody put a gun to their head. I'm sure they could have opted out of the class all together if they were that uncomfortable with the cameras being present.


BRUNO said...

If you've got any problems with weight from fluid retention, you had better lay off the salt, sea or otherwise! If you're like 99% of the rest of us, you get MORE than enough salt each day through "incidental" means. WATCH THE SALT!!!

I, too, used to enjoy the Sunday comics---it was "first-read"---news came SECOND! But you hit it on the head---why do the comics need to reflect REAL life? I always used them for an escape from such! Hell, even "The Phantom" has an occasional line of humor in it---and it's an OLD strip! How old? Look closely---he not only carries a PISTOL,(sometimes TWO, with extra clips---shudder!) but it's an old .45 military Colt! Or at least it was the last time I dare read the comics page!

And his dog, the name escapes me at the moment, actually understands him! And takes orders! How retro is that...?!

BRUNO said...


BBC said...

Eat to live, not live to eat. It's always worked for me and keeps me trim and fit.

The gnomes are, well, weird. But that is just my opinion I guess.

And if you took those pictures at your home you clearly don't live in a trailer park. :-)

Lin said...

So glad someone else is disillusioned by the Sunday comics.

I called Morton salt about 'sea salt' once. The guy said "Uhm, all the salt you find came from the sea at one point, you know." Brilliant point, NaCl is NaCl only some is actually priced honestly.

Chewy said...

The plastic geese clothing is a hoot!

*Goddess* said...

The Phantom, Bruno? Ok, never heard of it...LOL! The oldest running ones we have in our paper are Prince Valiant--yuck--and Rex Morgan, M.D.

This sea salt is supposed to be GOOD for you, Bruno. You can read about it on if you want. It's not like the processed salt on our table. Actually I usually avoid ALL salt cuz my dad had hbp, so we never even had it on the table.

*Goddess* said...

Now, Billy, what makes you think they weren't snapped at my place? Actually they weren't or they'd be standing next to an old fridge or a stove....

Gnomes? Weird? Perish the thought;)

*Goddess* said...

Lin, I'm sure that guy felt real proud of himself giving you that glib kind of response, to me that's like saying "all peanut butter starts with peanuts." It's the processing of the salt that makes it different from sea salt. They strip out of a lot of healthy nutrients and use chemicals, heating, etc.

Again if interested, you can read about this stuff on

*Goddess* said...

No, Chewy, it's WRONG!! LOL...btw, I found a chicken link if you can't find the story. Complete with vid;)

Lin said...

Okay, Goddess, now you have me even more curious than before about sea salt and salt processing. I'll have to go see your referred site and dig around further. It sounds like maybe the good stuff still contains recent fish turds, etc. Not exactly pure NaCl but maybe it's the other 'features' which are considered beneficial.

*Goddess* said...

LOL...NONE of it better contain fish turds;)

I want to try it because my gf is having good results using it with her arthritis. I think the important thing is the hydrating along with the salt. Not just the salt itself.