Saturday, July 28, 2007

hott child in the city

Female Offspring #1 sent me an email yesterday that made me giggle with glee. It said, "I got pulled over by the cops today! I guess he would have been good looking, had he not been a cocky bastard. Didn't get a ticket though."

Now here's why this makes me giggle: for months now every time she has seen a cop or gotten stopped by a cop--and let's just say it's been more times than I've ever been stopped in my life--I would say, "Was he hott?" and she would say, "Mom, I don't know! I don't notice cops."

NOW she's noticing....LOL!! I'm a firm believer of the theory that if you repeat something long enough, people will catch on to your way of thinking;) Now if I can just get her to start taking their picture.......

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