Sunday, July 22, 2007

driving slow on sunday morning

Gotta check out Rain's site this morning. She found a response someone wrote to a Craigslist ad and posted it.
It's blunt, funny and 100% honest. I'm sure this person was saying stuff most of us married women want to say to cheating men. I'm just sorry she couldn't have finished her rant with a good hard slap to the idiot's face.

I walked into our local Auto Zone yesterday and said to the guy behind the counter, "I'd like to talk to you about a problem I'm having with my car."
He said, "What's up?"
I said, "When my husband and I are having oral sex in the car, the gear shift is constantly hitting me in the side.
I suggested we move things to the back seat, but my husband says he has no leg room back there. What do you think?"
After a few minutes of staring at me, he said, "Lady, why are you asking me?"
I said, "Duh. Your sign says, 'Auto Parts, Accessories, and Advice.' I'm here for the advice."
He just continued to stare blankly. I said, "Fine, but may I just say you're the LAST person who should be giving advice."

On COPS last night, some dude was arrested for domestic violence. He blamed his chicky pooh friend, and the cop asked what they were arguing about. He said she wanted sex, then that she wasn't too satisfied with his efforts. Hey, hell hath no fury like a sexually frustrated woman. They don't call it a Screaming O for nothing.

From PC World, this article shows you legit looking messages you might get on your computer that are bogus and full of malware.

I watched a snippet of The Girls Next Door and they were picking new Playboy Bunnies.
One of Hef's bedpartners said, "I was suprised to see so many educated girls with great personalities. We want more than a pretty face." And yet, basically all they had them do was wear a bikini and turn front and back. One chick never even SAID anything and they're like "You're hired, don't even bother."
Clearly her education transcended all conversation.

Congrats to Aodhan Cullen, creator of StatCounter, for being named the BusinessWeek Young Entrepreneur of the Year!! I definitely voted for him. I luvs me some StatCounter. I've never seen a free stats program that offered real time stats and so many other extra information. I was shocked to find out that Aodhan started offering StatCounter at age 16! Holy shit. At 16, I was busy dreaming of being Mrs. David Cassidy. I certainly wasn't well on my way to becoming a millionaire. Damn you, David Cassidy!!!! You wasted the best teen years of my life!!!

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Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Hahhaaahhahahahaha! What a picture that auto part scene paints, you crack me up sometimes..