Friday, July 13, 2007

did you think i would stand here and lie while our moment was passing us by

You know how there are times it FEELS like you don't have any free time? Like you're running in circles, chasing your own tail? Well, I counted up all my hours and I went from 30 hours a week to 57.5 hours a week. Hell, no wonder it seems like I'm so rushed lately. But that's ok. At least I have a job.

There used to be a time in this country when businesses valued their customers and worked hard to meet their needs. Now they're so fucking arrogant, and the customer is treated more like a pest than something to be appreciated.

Gee whiz, Wally, this sounds like loads of fun! Simply type in a street address and zip code in the Los Angeles area, and you'll instantly be treated to all the crimes committed in that area in the last few days. Good family fun for all!

I wrote about this on my Hott Cops blog Wednesday. CourtTV is going to be TruTV beginning in January. I hope to GOD they don't start changing the legal format by giving us a bunch of stupid "reality" type shows. They have a "storm chasers" show and a show that follows wildcatters. Another show tapes feuding neighors, then tries to resolve their differences. YUCK. The station has become highly successful if Turner's blather is to believed, so I hope they don't screw it up.


Anonymous said...

Exactly time zone are you in that you can date posts a full day before that day hits??? Friday the 13th hasn't even hit North America yet, chicky! :-)


BBC said...

Job? You have a job? Oh fuck, that is so un-trailer park like.

Okay, I will give you a break because I know that you need to eat if hubby can't get any possums if he is a bad shot or so screwed up on moonshine that he can't get out of bed.

Anyway, have a great day hon. Hugs

Lin said...

Wasn't that Sprint move just so classic for today's market? I think they are learning customer service from the dot.coms.

*Goddess* said...

That would be the "Goddess Time Zone," Stacey;)

Yes, I have a job, BBC! I have 16 offspring to feed, and my last name isn't Duggar! I can't just sit around pumping out more. And God knows I can't rely on the gub'ment to feed them. It's not reliable enough;)

Sprint's move was indicative of today's market, Lin. Money grubbing jerks who won't miss the water till the well runs dry. As Home Depot is now finding out.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

It's Friday 13th where I'm sitting, and oh boy, don't I know it! Stop skiving away at work and get home to change those diapers girl, you know the trailer stinks all that worse when you don't..