Wednesday, June 27, 2007

you come knockin' on my front door same old line you used to use before

Knowing that I've been dying to try one, Mr. G bought me a mashed pa'tater Bowl from KFC. While I love him for it, it wasn't exactly the best time for me to try it.
The cheese and milk from the pa'taters have me coughing like a chain smoker again. NOT that I've stopped coughing yet, but because I'm not 100% healthy yet, any time I eat anything I'm allergic to, the coughing goes wild.
Anyway, I tried about three spoonfuls of it and while it's delish, I think they should rename it "Sedative in a Bowl." Yikes. All those heavy pa'taters knocked me out. We haven't eaten white potatoes for a looooong time because of Mr. G's diabetes. IF we have a potato, we have yams instead. I had forgotten how bad the heavy carbs make me feel.

Speaking of really bad food, FINALLY a great show on tv for kids: Shaq's Big Challenge. Shaq is working with some kids to help them lose weight.
I think this is a GREAT idea because kids look up to him,
and he can use his influence to get them more physically motivated. After that
whole "Sedative in a Bowl" story, maybe I should get Shaq to call me....


david mcmahon said...

Hope you're feeling better. Every goddess needs a bowl of mashed spuds now and then!

BRUNO said...

Hard to find someone who DOESN'T look up to Shaq---LITERALLY!!!

Nah, I know what ya' meant! Haven't seen his "challenge" yet, myself!

But he's got Oprah beat all to hell, as far as I'm concerned!(When was the last time you saw a kid say Oprah was their hero---unless they were holdin' a check???) At least HE'S gonna "walk the walk", instead of just "talkin' the talk.......!

Fathairybastard said...

You ever have one of those stuffed taters at Jason's. Sin walkin'.

*Goddess* said...

Thanks, David, I'll keep that in mind;)

I've seen some black girls say they look up to Oprah, but I guess that has a lot to do with the fact that she's the most recognized black woman on the planet, Bruno. And it doesn't hurt that she's filthy!

We don't have a Jason's around here, FHB.

Anonymous said...

We don't have that kind of nasty-ass grub up here at our KFCs, thank the fucking gawds.

Trivia time!

True or false: There is not one KFC outlet to be found in all of Kentunky, USA?

True or false: The first KFC outlet was open in Calgary, Canada and not a southern USA town?


*Goddess* said...

Ok, I read Dave the Wendy's dude's bio, and he talked a lot about the Colonel. I think the first KFC was opened in the West somewhere. Nevada or Utah, something like that, and although the first one SOUNDS like it would be true, I'm gonna go with false.