Thursday, June 28, 2007

when you gonna love you as much I do?

<--Guess what time it is, kids? Vacation Bible School time! Time for Goddess' little lapsed Catholic rug rats to become temporary Methodists, Baptists or any other Protestant religion that's having free Bible school!! YAY!!
Let's all sing, "Jesus loves us, this we know because my mother tells us so. Little ones to Him belong, we have to go to vacation Bible school or Mom will kick our asses." Doesn't rhyme, but who cares? I have the whole trailer to myself while my little Heathens are making macaroni pictures of Noah and his Ark!!! Wooooo hooooo!

Because I felt my hair needed a little excitement in it's dull life, yesterday I purchased some new shampoo. I've been using SAMY's shampoo for "dry, damaged, dehydrated hair." (Call me crazy, but aren't "dry" and "dehydrated" the same doggone thing? Maybe my hair just needs a little Gatorade?) Yesterday I switched to SAMY's shampoo for "extremely dry, frizzy, distressed hair."
See the HUGE difference? Neither do I.
Let me break it down for ya. They slapped the word "extremely" in front of "dry," making this an all together different issue. It's like my hair is in critical condition in ICU. "Get the bottle of SAMY's STAT!" Then they rub the little paddles together, slap them on my hair and scream "clear!!" because my hair is distressed!! If only BigPharma made Prozac for hair.
How dry is my hair, you ask? Picture that little Charlie Brown Christmas tree in your mind. It's gone without water for days. Touch one needle and all fifteen of them fall out. Apparently that's what my hair is like right now. Personally, I think it's just dry and frizzy because of the high humidity, but what do I know? I didn't even have the good sense to recognize my hair was in distress.
Having different shampoos for the same problem reminds me of the Simpson's ep where Homer toured the Duff Brewery. There were about six different types of Duff beer being bottled and it was all coming out of the same vat.

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Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Ha! As a kid I only ever went to Sunday school if they were either having a picnic or a Chrismas party, I think they were on to us, but they still let us in.

Don't talk about hair! I'm off in a minute to attend a very windy, drizzling with rain school sports day. If anyone asks me to join in on anything, I swear I'll deck them! (Just off to dig out my bag-lady woolie hat, in the hope of shaming the young-'uns so they won't want me to come back again next year.)