Sunday, June 03, 2007

we've got some straightening out to do

Now that the price of bing cherries has come all the way down to $2 a pound, I bought some yesterday. They were delish, but I had one problem. I remember when I was younger, I'd swallow the cherry pits, right along with the cherries. I used to swallow watermelon seeds, too, until my sister told me that if I swallowed a watermelon a baby would grow in my belly. At that point, I swallowed several just to see if I could have triplets. [Yes, I'm also the kind of person who will touch a hot plate if you tell say, "don't touch that, it's hot," so I can discern if your version of "hot" is the same as mine.] Alas, I did not grow a baby from watermelon seeds. Turns out my sister had the wrong kind of seed. But now that I'm older, I dare not swallow a seed or a pit because God forbid they stick in the pockets of my colon and rot, causing diverticulitis. Oh to be young and brash again.

I totally don't understand how MyBlogLog works. I accidentally labeled this blog as a 'community,' and I can't get it back to my main page with Hott Cops. They make a big deal about how it's all user friendly, so "email us and we'll help with any problems." What a crock of crap. They've yet to answer ONE of my emails. Then I was messing around on my Hott Cops MyBlogLog page and realized I had two members in the Hott Cops "community". I didn't even know it WAS a community! I give up.

I woke up this morning and who was on the Today Show? None other than Kathy Griffin. It was hilarious when she said she hosted the Gay Porn Awards Show and then she turned to stuffed shirt Lauer and said, "They'd love a piece of you, Lauer." LOL!! He couldn't have LOOKED more uncomfortable if he tried!

I'm already on the verge of boycotting the Red, White and Blurred google group. Ya join a group and you expect the guys to write erotica for ya, but do they? Noooooooooo. What is the point of being in a google group if there's no erotica?! I hate to tell tales out of school, but when I joined, Ron promised me a plethora of erotica. But no erotica, no plethora. Huh. Go figger.

Alex sent me a link to Fergie's new song, "Big Girls Don't Cry." Wow. What a WONDERFUL departure from that Fergilicious GARBAGE she put out. I had forgotten what a good singer she is until I saw this. And she looks great in the video.


Mushy said...

I told you how to get erotica out of me - but, nooooooo.

I want that Mustang in the video and I want my blog turned back on!

Ron Southern said...

I also promised to fix your brain, but I ran out of straw last week!

Fathairybastard said...

You can't go to Ron for smut. I mean, does he sound like a guy who spends his time surfin' porn sites? Think woman. Now Mushy, I bet he's got a special file, and I bet I sent him some of it.

*Goddess* said...

Actually Ron DOES look like a guy who spends his time perusing porn. I guess looks CAN be deceiving.

So if I'm reading this right, I need to eliminate the middle man all together and go right to YOU for erotica!