Sunday, June 03, 2007

oooh say can you see my eyes if you can then my hairs too short

There was an article on "American Icons" and it listed them, along with the question: how many have you seen?
Take a little trip across the U.S.A. with me, kids. And don't make me turn this car this around, because I will.
1. Grand Canyon--I haven't seen it per say, but Mushy did, so I've seen it vicariously through his Flickr pics, making that a "yes."
2. Everglades--nope, too watery and swampy and snake infesty
3. Golden Gate Bridge--I've seen it on the Rice a Roni commercials (and sadly, the opening for Full House) and I eat Rice a Roni, so yes
4. Graceland--yep, on Oprah
5. Mt. Rushmore--nope
6. Disneyland--NO!!!! I'm deathly afraid of Goofy. And Donald Duck isn't winning any popularity contests with me either.
7. Arch in St. Louis--I've seen the Golden Arches many times, and if you've seen one arch ya seen 'em all, so yes
8. Empire State Building--nope, too damn high
9. Mall in DC--we have a mall right here--we even have the Piercing Pagoda!!--and I'm sure it's every bit as big as DC's mall, so yes
10. Yosemite--I've seen Yosemite Sam many times, so yes again.
Wow. I've seen 6 out of 10. Not too shabby for someone who never leaves the trailer.
How many have YOU seen?


bugs said...

Grand Canyon---My brother peed in it on his way to San Diego. Does that count?
Everglades: nope
GG Bridge: My mother saw it on her old people bus trip to Cali. Did I mention she was the youngest on the bus?
Graceland: my idea of torture
Mt. Rushmore: nada
Disneyland: Nope, but I've seen it's sister in Orlando three times.
Arch: yep on the way to a funeral.
Empire State: My dad was fond of reminding me every Thanksgiving that he and Mom took me to the Macy's Parade when I was three. So, frankly, I may have seen it.
Mall in DC: yep three times and I want to go back.
Yosemite: nope.

Mushy said...

1. Grand Canyon — No, that was FHB! Never been, but plan to within the next 2 years.
2. Everglades — Only from a road…never on water in an airboat like you should.
3. Golden Gate Bridge — Flew over it coming into Oakland one night from Vietnam. Road a bus at 70MPH over to San Fran.
4. Graceland — Yes, was there once about 15 years ago…saw a pretty little thing down in the jungle room – my wife!
5. Mt. Rushmore — No, but we are working on that very trip now.
6. Disneyland — NO, but I have been to Disneyworld in Orlando several times.
7. Arch in St. Louis — Yes, went up in that thing about 10 years ago and discovered I was claustrophobic!
8. Empire State Building - No, I have not, and probably will never. I have this thing about going to NYC unarmed!
9. Mall in DC — No, but I have been to D.C.
10. Yosemite — Yes, went snowmobiling there last January.

*Goddess* said...

Ooooh, you were in Yosemite! I thought YOU were the one who hiked in the Grand Canyon. Sigh. I have my men all confused...LOL.

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

I've been to every pub in Alaska - does that count?

I stayed sober throughout - does that count?

I taught drunken cruise line passengers to sing `Waltzing Matilda' - does that count?

Keep smiling