Wednesday, June 06, 2007

live like you were dying

As Roseanne Rosannadanna would say, "If it's not one thing, it's another."

I'm actively starting to job hunt again. Sigh. I HATE it. I've had my current job for over five years and it's been my BEST and longest lasting. I need to find myself a rich 60ish dude (or 30ish--I'm willing to deal with testosterone overload on a daily basis)
who longs for the creature comforts a wife can provide, sans sex and arguing.
What I really need is a Sugar Daddy!! I'll suffer through sex with a 30 year old......
Ok give me a minute to recover from that visual. Maybe five or ten minutes.
Last night, the first night my boss was supposed to stay by herself for a few hours, she ended up in the hospital. She was complaining to me about her leg yesterday but she kept saying that she thought it was due to fluid build-up, and the doctor had her on water pills for that.
She has congestive heart failure, and fluid build-up in the legs and lungs is a common occurrence with that condition. When the nightshift girl got there a couple hours later, the boss was complaining her leg was stiff, so she called for an ambulance.
Good thing, because they discovered the boss has a big blood clot in her leg.
She's been good at keeping her diabetes under control, so I'm hoping she's ok. I guess between the fluid and the blood clot, they were having a difficult time getting an IV started last night.
I'm worried about her being ok because I really care about her, and unfortunately, I have to worry about my finances as well. I always feel so guilty about that, worrying about her health AND worrying about my income in the same thought, but that's the nature of my job. Thankfully, I was almost to the end of a full week, but I'm still losing two days pay. I honestly don't know how my boss is going to handle being alone at all. She has lived a really sheltered life.
Her brother and sister basically handled all her money, she never made a doggone decision in her life that I can see. Whenever she's faced with something she doesn't like, her "nerves" get all upset. That's bascially how she "deals" with stuff. And while I really like her and she's been great to me,
Mr. G pointed out that she's probably going to be in the hospital more and more if she has to be alone, due to "nerves".
I slept lousy last night. My stomach was churning and all these "how am I going to pay blahblahblah" questions
kept going through my head. We can't make the car payment without my income, but fortunately, I only have about six more months of payments to go. However, if I'm this wound up NOW, I don't want to think about how I'll be if I actually lose the job outright. That's why I think it's better to start actively searching now, instead of waiting till my back is against the wall, and I feel pressured to take the first thing I find.
It's ironic, though, when I think back to the beginning of this job. Mr. G called me after seeing the ad in the paper, and when I called, the lady that answered (my boss's older sister) sounded all crappy and grouchy. Indeed, she was, but you could tell she was that way because she wasn't used to dealing with people, and you could also tell she was basically a nice person, only gruff. Anyway, I didn't even want to take the job, but I thought I'd go to the interview just to see what was going on. When I got there, I realized Boss #1 was my mother's neighbor. I didn't know her at first and she didn't know me until she told me where she lived and I said, "That's right across the street from my mom!" I knew then that I wanted to take the job because I would be working for someone that wasn't a total stranger, a big plus for me. It turned out to be the best job I've had. Sigh. But the fact that Boss #2 is running out of money and not feeling well are two pretty big signs from the Universe that I can't ignore.


Mushy said...

You need to start you're own servicing business - cops half off!

Think about probably could retire in a year or two!

Fathairybastard said...

Uh, service? Like oil chages and stuff? There's always the bar tending academy.