Friday, June 08, 2007

kill bacteria with a shine

Somebody who knows more about the law could answer this for me: if the judge in your case says "no home arrest," how can the sheriff send you home to finish out your sentence on home arrest? Besides the obvious answer of "Money talks, bullshit walks," of course.

I am truly mooooo-ved by this story.

I knew it wouldn't take long. My boss came home from the hospital yesterday afternoon.
The doctor said she could "rest just as easily at home". Can you say "overcrowded hospital," kids? Here's the majorly shitty thing about them releasing her so soon: they're making her take shots of blood thinner for five days, and three days worth (6) cost $300. Her insurance wouldn't cover one dime of it. Had she stayed in the hospital, they would have been covered.
Ok, so now we're back to our full shifts and full weekend shifts, every other weekend, because the boss feels like she just can't be alone. Overtime Hawg calls me and says, "I'd like to ask you something, Honey." Honey, MY ASS. "If I work Friday for you, would you work every other Saturday for me? That way I can go to our camp and spend the night, then come back Sunday morning for work."
I said, "If I do that, I'll be working EVERY Saturday."

She said, "No, no. Just every other Saturday for me."
I said, "Yeah and every other Saturday are my own Saturdays, making it EVERY Saturday."
I told her I was not the logical one to change with, our other co-worker was...LOL! It's called, "passing the buck," people.
So then she told me she was going to call the chick who works Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs evening and ask her to do it. This co-worker came in to work a couple hours later and said that O.H. told her that her husband said if she can't work for her, they might as well sell their camper trailer and site. *insert phony tears here* So co-worker countered with, "My husband told me
that if I have to work weekends, I'd have to quit and I can't afford that." LOL! One excuse is more ludicrous than the other, and I love the way they're both making their husbands the bad guys. Oh, we women are so crafty. As for the excuses, if you can't afford to stay at home, why would your husband tell you to quit the job you do have? And who gives a fark if O.H. sells her camp? Like that's any hardship for either one of us. When I told my husband what O.H. had in mind, he said, "For Pete's sake, you haven't even worked a weekend, yet and already she's trying to stick you with all of them."


Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Jeez, how has O.H. got to live so long to turn out so annoying? I'd have throttled her on the first shift - you're a better person than me, that's for sure!

Hey, I'm gonna' make you weep now.. guess what I've had camping out at the top of my drive for the past week? Fifteen German policemen, complete with their bikes!! I've been letting them use my loo and shower throughout.. and they are EVER so grateful!! (You'll have to come over for the next T.T., I'm sure they'd be very happy to give you space enough to pitch a tent alongside them.) Heheheh..

*Goddess* said...

Well, she has about 8 kids, so I think the old man figured it was cheaper to stay with her than pay child support for all those mouths.

COPS?! NO WAY!! Surely you--the photo QUEEN--has taken pics!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

One even brought his hat! I'll e-mail you..

*Goddess* said...


Ron Southern said...

I think somebody's just gonna have to kill Paris Hilton and save all us newshounds a lot of whiplash.

BRUNO said...

Yep, 'fraid it would take more than a "camp-x-cuse" for me, too! POOR BASTARDS...!

BTW: Is this the same job that's about to end for you, any-hoo??? Yeah,---YOU work 7 days a week, so's O.H. can enjoy her camp...Yeah, RIGHT!!!

*Goddess* said...

Yeah it's the same job. Only now I'll probably lose it sooner since we went right back to the full schedule again.