Tuesday, June 26, 2007

its all right if you love me, it's all right if you don't

Yay! My boss' test came out well. NO blockage!!

I don't know what the HELL McDonald's puts in their supposedly 100% pure beef hamburgers, but they're better than a damn sleeping pill! I'm just not buying the bullshit that for $1, I can get two ALL BEEF patties. I went to see my boss yesterday morning, and I hadn't eaten breakfast, thinking I'd only be about an hour. Turns out I didn't leave the hospital till noon, so I stopped at McD's and bought four double cheeseburgers, two for myself and two for Mr. G. I woofed one down in the car and then I took za mutt for her walk and came home and ate the other one. I got so sleepy around 2, that I laid down. Next thing I knew it was 4 o'clock! Damn. This happens to me so much when I eat McD's or Burger King's meat, that I stopped eating it for a long time, and if I did eat it, I'd immediately drink a glass of Metamucil to warsh it out of my system. Ugh. Tomorrow, I eat BEFORE I leave the house.

I can't get over how incredibly smart and clever and patient cats can be. Mr. G puts birdfood and peanuts out for the birds and squirrels every day. We went from one fat as a rat squirrel to about five so far. The cats will lay under the trees, or a few feet away from the trees for days pretending they just don't give a shit. The squirrels will come and go, and the cats don't budge. After about five days of this, I noticed the squirrels were starting to turn their backs on the cats. Until today, when Buddha made his move. Luckily, the squirrel saw him coming and raced up a tree. It was all just so Aesop's Fable-ish to me.

So yesterday I was zipping around the web trying to check online jobs in my area, and next thing you know I'm reading this blog. After about ten minutes, I thought, "Why in the world do I CARE what Joe's cooking? I don't even KNOW Joe, and I think we've established many times that I HATE to cook!" I wondered how Joe made those oatmeal cookies with butter without them turning out flat as pancakes. But, now, I'm really wondering why Kelly never cooks! What's his deal? LOL....God bless him if he can get someone else to do the cooking.
Then I wandered over to this site, and may I just say I LOVE Shannon's "Let the Music Play." Always have, always will. But it's no damn wonder I'm still looking for a job...

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Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

That is such great news about your boss - told you things could only get better, eh? (smile.)