Friday, June 01, 2007

indian giver

And the birthday gift saga continues...
Ok to recap, remember last week Overtime Hawg left a gift bag at work, but never said it was for me? I peeked inside and saw a card with my name on it, but I didn't take it home because no one (or O.H herself) ever specifically said it was for me? I didn't feel right taking it. But I did feel right snooping, ok? LOL! I thought that maybe she'd leave a note saying, "I left your birthday gift on the counter, blah blah..." which is what I was going to do with her gift.

So this morning I come to work with my gift for O.H. and find that in the meantime, she's taken my gift back home! LOL! I guess because I didn't leave her a gift, she was p.o.'ed. I thought that was hilarious. Sooooo I took her gift right back out to the car where it's probably melting in the 90 degree weather. But who cares?

I did not realize the way the new schedule is going to be worked that Overtime Hawg and myself will never have a weekend off. We'll either be working AM or PM shift. The one other chick working will work Monday through Thursday evenings. So I said to my boss, "How about discussing with her working two weekends a month? It's only fair since she has NEVER worked weekends in the four years that she's worked here." I've always worked every other weekend.
So she ASKS her instead of TELLING her and my co-worker said, "No, I can't. I have the kids and my husband won't let me work weekends." EXCUSE ME?! "My husband won't let me...." She's not freaking ten years old, for Pete's sake. We all have to make sacrifices if we want to earn money.
She's been using those damn kids as an excuse since she started here. O.H. and I are penalized because we don't use the rugrat excuse? What really pisses me off is that this co-worker sat across from me just this morning talking about how if she hadn't gotten an extra night she didn't think she would have been able to make ends meet and yet she's not even willing to compromise on her schedule. What the fark difference does it make if her husband is watching them Mon-Thursday evening or Fri-Monday evening? If my boss had any balls, she would have said, "This is what I need you to work. If you can't, you'll have to see about another job." But what she DID say was, "Well, the only other way I could work it is to bring in someone new," and then WE'D lose the extra hours. That's bullshit. I'll gut it out, though. I had a job for three years and didn't have a single weekend off.

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