Sunday, June 24, 2007

i'm scratching my head

Ok, ok, I just wanted to use those damn balloons again.

Wow. Didn't take me long to remember why I hate being out of work so much. Mr. G instantly turns into my mother, making idiotic comments like, "Have you thought about Dollar General?" (Who doesn't?!) And "There's a job opening at the Dairy Queen." Yes, who hasn't dreamed of working at the Dairy Queen at age 48? Ahhh to experience the joy of dipping Dilly Bars. FRIDAY--yes, just two days ago--he said to me, "The good thing about the fact that you haven't really lost your job yet is you can take your time. You don't have to take the first thing that comes along." Saturday afternoon he hands me the newspaper, points to a job that is part time evenings and weekends, and says, "If you get this job, blah blah blah". I have no idea what he said after that because I was too busy praying for Death to arrive on my doorstep pronto, and to bring his friend, brain aneurysm. This morning, he casually mentions that such and such manor is hiring. I said, "I do NOT want to work in a home for the elderly. They're terribly understaffed, and I can't watch people lay in their own filth and listen to them crying out in pain, and not be affected by that." He said, "And I wouldn't want you to work in a home." THEN WHY MENTION IT?! Death? Death, it's me Goddess...

I just don't get it. I don't understand why someone would look at the pics on my Hott Cops site over and over and over, and I'm not talking about a couple pics here and there. I'm talking hundreds of entries...DAILY.

NOT that I don't appreciate the "reader"ship, but wouldn't you at some point, just copy and save all the pics to your own computer? Wouldn't it be faster and easier?


Fathairybastard said...

Hubby doesn't get thaty you don't want him to help fix it. Thinks that's his job maybe? And the visitor...Maybe it's like their porn, and they'd feel dirty downloading. Delude themself into thinking YOU'RE a freak, and they're just visiting.

*Goddess* said...

I guess that's just the diff between me and other people: I want my porn on MY computer....LOL!