Thursday, June 28, 2007

i'm bringing bullshit back

I'm sure Mushy can confirm this: 96% of Americans say, "Oh shit!" before they go into a ditch. The other 4% are from Tennessee and say, "Hold my beer and watch this shit!". If this joke took place in Pennsylvania, the punchline would be, "Hold my pirogi and watch this shit!"

Wow. The sheriff in Panama City Beach, Florida has come up with a simple, but ingenious way of catching illegals.
He has five or six patrol cars drive up to a construction site and they watch to see who runs. They've reported more than 500 people to Immigration using this tactic. I'm sure the Civil Liberties Union will have a problem with it. People's attitudes amaze me though. Now that a lot of the illegals are leaving Panama City, the developers are bitching because they keep labor costs down. Unbelievable. They don't want illegals in the country, but they want their cheap labor.

I love the title of one of MSN's entertainment articles, in which they are alleging Justin Timberlake is being a little bitch with the press. It's called, "Is Timberlake Bringing "Testy" Back?" LOL!!!
This is what I detest about celebs: they hate the media, they're telling photogs to go "fuck themselves," tossing laptops at them, and smashing their cameras, but when they have a pet project they want to pimp, who do they call? The dreaded media. When they feel they've been misjudged and want to get their viewpoint across, like Alec Baldwin, who do they call? The horrible media. It's like "I want the public to buy my music, go to my concerts, and turn over their hard earned cash to me, and I should have to give NOTHING back, because I'm a celebrity, damn it!"


Mushy said...

So I've been told.

BRUNO said...

I'm more "efficient" when it comes to the proper term for "passing in the ditch"---I just forgo the OH!, and go directly to SHIT....!

phaseoutgirl said...

Shit would be my favourite curse word, if ever it is a real one! I always wondered about the expression "when the shit hits the fan" because the implications are of far reaching proportions in terms of cleanliness! Ok, that was random..