Monday, June 25, 2007

i just know that something good is gonna happen

Geez, how the dog turns on me the minute she realizes I'm going somewhere without her. The last four or five days, I've gotten up early and taken her for a walk. She was all sweetness and light. But I want to go to the hospital this morning to visit my boss, so I set my alarm for 6:30. The minute I came out of the shower, the dog started growling under her breath. She knows I don't shower before I take her for a walk. She also knows I shower every morning before work. So now she's sitting in the corner, staring. Juuuuust staring, with that "why don't you love me?" puppy dawg expression on her face. Ugh. All this effort and I'm only going to be gone about an hour and a half.

Yikes. What a fun couple of weeks. Last week, Mr. G's cousin dropped dead of a massive heart attack. He was only 57. As if that isn't sad enough, here's the truly sad part: in his obituary it said, "he was a beloved husband, father, brother, grandfather, and uncle." He had three grown kids and a sister, and NOT ONE OF THEM spoke to each other. His sister was crying one minute that she wouldn't be welcome at the funeral home, and the next she was worrying their cousin would take stuff out of her brother's house. Sigh. The man had ABSOLUTELY nothing, and his house was literally falling down around him. Why she'd care about any "stuff" is beyond me, but being in my line of work, I see this sort of shit all the time. Everybody's afraid someone is going to get something they don't. Then this week one of my uncles passed away. He suffered from Alzheimer's for years, so it's truly a blessing.

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Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Sorry honey, it's been a pretty shit week for you so far, hasn't it? Things can only get better, huh? ((hug))