Monday, June 18, 2007

i hope you know this has nothing to do with you

MSN is running a cute article entitled, "Unnecessary TV Children." I immediately thought of Life With Bonnie (Hunt). On the first season, Bonnie had three kids, a new infant and a boy and a girl.
When the season returned, Bonnie had mysteriously lost a child over the hiatus. It was the little girl they dumped and she wrote on her site that she had no idea why they got rid of her. OUCH. I actually liked her paired with the brother. They had good chemistry together, although his speech was difficult to understand at times.
For the first few seasons, I think the kids on Everybody Loves Raymond were pretty much unnecessary, too. You rarely saw them. I remember him saying in one interview the reason for that was because the show really wasn't about them. Then why have them? I think the show would have been so much better had they dumped Raymond and that bitch of a wife, Deborah.

Seven days later and I am STILL sucking down the Ester C, goldenseal and echinacea to get rid of this monster cold. The home health nurse told my boss that it's a virus going around. NOW my boss has it.She's got the low grade temp now, along with excessive coughing. Next stage: full blown fever. Ugh. It doesn't help that it's really hot and humid here today and the next couple days to follow.
It scares me how strong these viruses are. My boss is taking 'script cough syrup, but my aunt, who used to be an RN, told me long ago, that the cough syrups really don't do anything, as the cough/virus has to run it's course. What had me shaking my head was a list of about ten side effects you MIGHT encounter "for the first few days, while the drug is getting into your system". Puhleeze.
If my boss doesn't end up back in the hospital over this, it'll be a miracle.

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