Saturday, June 09, 2007

i got more than enough to make you drop to your knees

Larry the Cable Guy: "My brother's an idiot. He sold his truck for gas money."

Ya know the thing about this whole Paris Hilton fiasco that makes me laugh? She's going through histrionics and she's NOT EVEN mingling with the "common folk." She's in a separate wing, isolated from criminals. I think that's why a lot of people have no sympathy for her. Her original sentence has been reduced, she's isolated in a private area, and STILL she's kvetching. What happened to her "I'm ready to deal with the consequences of what I've done" bullshit? I'm VERY, VERY curious to see if she lands in hot water with the police again. Why do I get the feeling crying day and night is the hardest "work" she has ever done? You just know she'll get someone to write her autobiography about how hard her jail experiences were and she'll land her ass on Okra pimping it.

Mr. G pointed out the Yahoo headline concerning golfer John Daly that read "Daly says wife attacked him with knife." Following the natural progression of things, I said, "Wow. I wonder what he did to piss her off...."

Who else thinks the Burger King dude that dances in the western
burger commercials is a chick? I mean check out those shapely legs in white tights. That's no guy. So what does that tell us about the Burger King? He's a big Queen.

Don't miss Brian Regan's new standup on Comedy Central Sunday at 10 p.m. I love his stuff. He's very funny and he doesn't even feel the need to use profanity.

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BRUNO said...

The Burger-King has "shapely" legs???

Well, I guess I could agree! Although I wouldn't consider THOSE legs extremely exciting, male OR female!

If we could just catch him (or her!) bent over, maybe we could tell by countin' the ass-hairs, or somethin'...!