Saturday, June 30, 2007

i don't care what you say about me any more, i got money now

I was watching clips of the Paris/Larry King interview this morning.
Lordy, I can't believe Larry ditched Michael Moore ("SICKO") for HER crap.
My favorite part of the entire piece was when Paris did her little "I've found Jesus" routine and said that reading the Bible was one of the ways she filled her time in jail. Yet when Larry asked her what her favorite Bible quote was, she drew a total blank. Hell, I'm Catholic, we don't read the Bible at all, and I can still come up with some quotes. I also had to laugh about her whole story about being released early because she had claustrophobia. When she was forced to go back to jail and finish her sentence, Larry asked her how she suddenly "cured" her phobia, and
she gave some answer like she did what she had to do.
In other words, it finally dawned on her that her hysterics wasn't going to get her out of her mess and she might as well settle her ass down and do her time.
And what in the world was with her saying she had NEVER done drugs in her life?
I'm curious to see how long her pious "I want to help the entire world" routine lasts. It's got a familiar "I vow to find the real killer" ring to it.
She's already cozy-ing it up in Hawaii. But I'm sure she's only there to lay on the beach with all the impoverished Hawaiian children.

Watched the latest My Life on the D List. Kathy Griffin on a date with Ron Jeremy? Damn. If she was dating him for the "exposure," couldn't she have picked a hott straight porn actor? What am I saying? There aren't any straight porn actors anymore. My bad.

In my never ending quest to find good, cheap mineral make up, I tried a couple products from Sheer Miracle. To recap, at this point, I've tried: Pur Minerals, Sheer Cover, Bare Minerals and that crappy stuff from L'Oreal. I was careful to read some product reviews before I bought this time, UNLIKE when I purchased that crappy stuff from L'Oreal, which shall heretofore be known as "that crappy stuff from L'Oreal." I didn't care for Pur Minerals because it's foundation and finishing powder in one. I like something different to finish off my face, to make it look brighter. Sheer Cover had lousy foundation, but good finishing powder.
Unfortunately, from what I can see, you can only buy Sheer Cover in kits.
Bare Minerals has good foundation, but their finishing powder, Mineral Veil, is mostly corn starch. It looks ok, but it doesn't brighten your face in anyway.
Some of the reviews for Sheer Miracle's foundation wasn't good. A lot of people felt it didn't cover well. I did not find that to be the case. I feel it covers every bit as good as Bare Minerals. They also have a good finishing powder.
I thought I ordered the Matte finish, apparently I ordered the Glow. Both powders are white, which gives you a glow to your face, unlike other mineral make up finishing powders, which are flesh toned. The Glow has a little too much of a sparkly look for daytime, but it does brighten the face. Sheer Miracle gives you 1.05 oz of foundation for $18.50 and 1.05 oz of finishing powder for $15.50.
Bare Minerals gives you .03 oz of foundation for $25.50 and .47 oz for $19.
All in all, every mineral based make up company that I've purchased from is GROSSLY overcharging us for what little we're getting, especially Bare Minerals.
And you just know there can't be a lot of cost involved in the manufacture of this stuff. Heck, Sheer Miracle's Glow only contains two ingredients: mica and titanium dioxide. If Mr. G was the handy type, I'd have him out there grinding up mica for me in his spare time. Here's one thing NONE of the mineral make up companies tell you: putting mineral make-up on in the summer is a BITCH. Sweating and trying to apply powder make-up at the same time is a nightmare.


BRUNO said...

What the hell ya' think ya' are, a damned car, shinin' your "chrome"?

Well, just don't forget the bumpers! Be carful with that mica-shit, that's the same stuff used in some types of metal-blasters, for a fine-finish!

Just don't rub all your putty outta the dents, now......!

*Goddess* said...

Would that I could rub all the putty out of my dents...but that's a hell of a lot of putty and a hell of a lot of rubbing;)

BRUNO said...

Why don't ya' just let Mr. G work ya' over with a surface grinder, a few times a week?

Of course, there ARE "other tools" he can use to get into all those "nooks and crannies!" Especially the "NOOKY-SPOT"...!

Fathairybastard said...

Mmmm, lovely imagery.

*Goddess* said...

A surface grinder, eh? Damn. I could have saved a bundle on my "micro dermabrasion" system.