Tuesday, June 19, 2007

geez this just won't die, will it?

from the Knoxville News-Sentinel

The Tennessee Highway Patrol's most famous ex-trooper got a surprise visit from his former bosses Wednesday morning.

THP investigators and state and federal agents raided the Middle Tennessee home of James Randy Moss, who resigned last month after being accused of receiving oral sex from a Knoxville porn actress during a traffic stop.

The raid marked the latest round of troubles for Moss, 40, who could face criminal charges in a scandal that's drawn international attention and made him the butt of jokes and Internet gossip.

"He's out there trying to do his job and stubs his toe, and the sky falls on him," said his lawyer, Jack Lowery Sr. "The man has turned in his resignation. He's been held up to public ridicule. My client, under the law, is presumed to be innocent."

Moss had worked for the state Department of Safety for 10 years when he came under scrutiny for writing porn star Barbie Cummings, 21, of Knoxville, a speeding ticket May 7 as she drove home from visiting her aunt in Lebanon.

Cummings, whose real name is Justis Ellen Richert, said Moss looked up her Web site on his state-issued laptop and threw away illegal Vicodin pills he found in her pink Honda Accord, then took her to a secluded spot for oral sex behind his cruiser. She said he shot photos and video of the act with his cell phone and sent her copies for her blog.

A THP employee filed an anonymous complaint against Moss the next day.

Investigators have stretched their probe since then to cover more than 25 previous traffic stops by Moss, all of women drivers and all with signs of "irregularities" in the in-car videotapes, Wilson County prosecutors said.

Moss' lawyer said the former trooper called Wednesday to tell him that authorities knocked on the door of his home near the Wilson-DeKalb county line around 11 a.m. with a search warrant. The agents searched the house and seized Moss' computer and cell phone, Lowery said.

Authorities wouldn't go into detail about what agents seized.

Lowery said he still hopes to head off any criminal charges against his client. Moss' wife has stood by him, and the former trooper has found work at a local construction company, his lawyer said.

"I have not been apprised of anything of much substance against him," Lowery said. "How do you prove somebody destroyed evidence? Whatever he has done that I know about, it appears to me that this is not a case that needs to go to Criminal Court."

The case could go before a grand jury next month.


bugs said...

Her name is Justis?

And since when do Accords come in pink?

Anonymous said...

There is a chick who lives on the perpendicular street to us with a custom Mary Kay pink coloured Mazda. Pink cars are out there, Bugs. And they all make me want to barf when I see them.


*Goddess* said...

Yeah, Justis. Appropriate, huh?

Ye Olde Pepto Bismal Pink? LOL.

bugs said...

I always thought the Mary Kay cars were like, Bonnevilles and Town cars. Old boats that the Grandmas drive.

A Pink Mazda? Oy.