Friday, June 01, 2007

don't drink and drive

I had some time to waste this afternoon and I caught some of Oprah's show on drunk drivers. Wow. Talk about a powerful show.
She talked to a husband and wife whose limo was hit head on by a drunk driver going 70 mph in the wrong direction.
They were coming home from the wedding of the woman's sister, I believe. The bride and groom took the precaution of renting cars and hotel rooms for people so they wouldn't be driving drunk. Their small daughter was decapitated and her parents were also injured. The husband's back was broken. The mother said she took her "daughter" and 'they' sat by the side of the road watching the rescue efforts. She was, in actuality, holding her daughter's head.
Oprah said, "The next time you get into the car after having had a few drinks, thinking it's ok to drive, I want you to get a visual of this woman sitting by the side of the road holding her daughter's head." Damn. All the "problems" in your life just pale in comparison, don't they?


BRUNO said...

Well, if you were watching Oprah, I can understand why you did, indeed, consider it "time to waste"...

Bitch just LIVES FOR THE MOMENT that she can "profit" from someone else's pain. I totally despise her, and her "efforts".

And don't anyone pull-out that damned "race-card" on me, either! I don't care if she's black, white, or green with purple polka dots, I just consider her a piss-poor example of a human being. But, just like the media, "if it BLEEDS, it SELLS"!

*Goddess* said...

As a rule, I don't like her either, but every once in a while, she has a decent show. Her "do what I say, don't do what I do" attitude grates on me.

david mcmahon said...

Hi Goddess,

Followed your link from Carol's blog (ShrinkWrappedScream) where I've seen your comments.

That is one powerful post and as a father of three kids, it sent shivers down my spine.

Take care


*Goddess* said...

Thanks for stopping by, David. I've been reading your comments on SWS's site for some time now.