Saturday, June 09, 2007

don't be JEALOUS, guys, but

I just bought me a BRAND SPANKING NEW GRILL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Notice that it does TOAST, too? HA! Life don't get much better than this;)

Next up............a new boat!!


BRUNO said...

Careful---this is the kinda "dry-humor" that's associated with anti-social outcasts like ME!!!

Think about it---do you really want to LOOK, and ACT, like ME???

Don't worry, you're safe! I don't think that would be physically possible---unless you go to Sweden!

I hear they swing a pretty-mean SCALPEL over there.....!

Ron Southern said...

Pretty typical redneck behavior; get a device that cost (somebody) hundreds of dollars just to toast marshmallows with! It must be love.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Gee, you rich Americans are never done with showing off and flashing the big bucks, just makes me sick..

*Goddess* said...

You could have impressed the hell out of those German cops with these, Carol.