Friday, June 08, 2007

awwwwwwwww what a sweetie!!

CONGRATS to Felicia and Tim on the birth of their first baby!!!
Hendrix Alan Walker arrived at 7:55 am EDT, on Thursday morning, June 7, 2007 at a hospital in Dayton, Ohio. He weighed 7 lbs, 11 oz at birth and he was 20 1/4 inches long.

He looks so alert. Good sign.

They have a loooong way to go to catch up to me. Get working on that second one, kids!


bugs said...

Cute baby! I wonder if Tim and Felicia know how lucky they are that they captured a photo where Hendrix has his eyes OPEN. I don't have any hospital photos of Da Buglet where he's not pulling that smushed-up screamy whiny eyes closed face.

Congrats, guys! Ohio babies rock!

*Goddess* said...

LOL! Hey, Da Buglet had just gone through a traumatic ride through a dark tunnel;)

Female Offspring #1 was already squirting out before my saddle block took effect, so her eyes are open in her baby pic, too. I guess the anesthesia affects them also.

bugs said...

What is this anesthesia stuff you speak of? ;)

*Goddess* said...

Yeah, uh huh, like you were biting on a bullet;)

bugs said...

Well, it was more like a towel. Buglet came too fast, I got nuthin. Nothing. Not even an asprin. Whomever says you'll never remember is a liar of the lyingest degree.;)

*Goddess* said...

Yikes! Forget that. FO #1 took her good sweet is par for the course even still;)