Friday, June 15, 2007

are you tough enough?

This is a very cool site to check out, especially if you feel the world is full of negative, uncaring people. It's from the Hilton Family and if you click on different spots on the map, you'll be able to read a story of random kindness that took place in that town. I was looking for the one random act of kindness in California in which a sheriff allowed a rich chick to leave jail early because she boo hoo-ed long and loud. Couldn't find it, but very cool indeed.

I think the only thing worse than a soap opera actor who thinks he/she is a singer, is an American Idol rejectee thinking he's an actor. UGH.
The Bold and the Beautiful has brought Constantine onto the show, giving me yet another reason not to watch.
The minute I see ANY soap actor reaching for a guitar or a microphone, I immediately lay on the FF button. But usually "singers" like this are brought on for one performance.
To bring someone like this on for a full storyline is excruciating.

I was sorry I missed Oprah yesterday, darn it. She had a straight guy who pretended to be gay as a guest. I'm thinking that must be every bit as insulting to the gays as having a super thin model dress up and pretend to be fat is to the overweight crowd. I only wanted to see if the guy wore the gay jeans. You've seen them. They're bleached and torn, but NEATLY bleached and torn. Like they want to appear rugged, but not--God forbid--untidy. They're usually worn by the gays in their 40's and 50's, attempting to be hip. I know all about this because my husband was given several pairs of gay jeans when my uncle died. Luckily, I pitched them all into the Goodwill bag before he became a gay magnet.


BRUNO said...

I've got a couple-pairs that are ripped-up the ass myself, but I'm safe from "advances", because they're not only TORN, and RIPPED, they're also disgustingly GREASY, and smell like Diesel fuel!

But still, after heeding your words, I think I'll start wearin' a more "complete" pair, just to be safe...!

*Goddess* said...

Nope, you're good with greasy. Gays don't like to get dirty....LOL;)