Monday, May 21, 2007

you take my self-control

The White House folk are a bit pissed off at Jimmy Carter saying the Bush administration has been "the worst in history."
What had me laughing though was the comment that came from someone in the White House who said Carter was "increasingly irrelevant."
If something or someone is not relevant, how can it become increasingly not relevant?

The chick at the center of this whole Tennessee state trooper/blowjob mess says, "All this over a blow job. How outrageous." Yeah, like she's not loving every minute of television news and internet exposure. Hell, she even has her vid on YouTube.

Hmm, further proof gastric bypass is not a "permanent" weight loss solution: Al Roker said he's gained 30 pounds back. I think it's been almost a year (or more) since Randy Jackson (American Idol) had his surgery and he never really became thin. It's strange some people seem to lose really quickly and they lose a lot, and others never seem to get down that much. Roseanne is another person who never got really thin, although she had the pouch operation, so I don't know how much they expect them to lose.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday. I appreciate it! And the cards, Bugs, and Copluvr. Bugs sent me four, Copluvr sent me three. I opened my email and saw all the Hallmark links, and I thought they HAD to be duplicates. They weren't.
Mr. G bought me three Azalea bushes and we planted them last night. He said, "These will be your living legacy, honey. Every time we see them, we'll remember that we planted them on your birthday."
I said, "Yeah, you're not going to mow them down next week, are you? You know, like you did all my fire bushes?"
No lie. Female Offspring #1 and I painstakingly planted about fifteen fire bushes across the front of the house one summer and he mowed every one of them down thinking they were weeds. Sigh.

Gmail promises that you have so much space in your account, you'll never
have to delete another email message. All these years I've been almost compulsive about wanting a perfectly clean inbox and now this!

I don't consider myself a cruel person, really I don't, but every time I see that GEICO commercial where the gecko is riding up the escalator, I think, 'wouldn't it make for a GREAT commercial if he got his tail caught and got sucked in under the stairs'?!" Admit it, you want to see it, too.

I saw a commercial for a new movie and the one dude said, "Each time you answer a question incorrectly, I will detonate a bomb."
I thought, geez, if those questions are based on science or geography or history or math,
I'd be leaving behind one hell of a wide path of death and destruction...


Anonymous said...

When I as in my teens, I was coming down a mall escalator when the man in front of me got his galosh (sp?) caught in the grate at the bottom. Being the overachieving helpful person that is annoying to everyone but me, I tried to pull it out. I was pulling as hard as I could when it slipped out of my hand and got sucked down under the grate competely, but not before a huge vaccum suckage noise sounded. The man was pissed at me. My bf at the time burst into giggles. I stood there with a stunned look on my face as I stared at the empty grate. (I guess I was expecting the grate to either return it or burp - not too sure which.) The mall security came to turn the escalator off and the rest of the people on the escalator gave me dirty looks. I wanted to be that galosh right there and then.


Miss Trashahassee said...


Found you through Mushy ...

Laughing my heinie off at the thought of the GEICO gecko getting his tail caught in the escalator ...

I'd love to see the a commercial where the gecko meets the cavemen -- kind of like Scooby-doo meets Batman & Robin (or SD meets Sonny & Cher or SD meets Phyllis Diller or SD meets Jonathan Winters -- you get the picture).

Heh heh heh.

Miss T

Jenni said...

Hey this was wonderful to read...and happy birthday again...seems like you had a wonderful time...thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us!!!!

*Goddess* said...

Good one, Stacey;) I can just imagine the guy limping all the way home with one boot....LOL!

Thanks for stopping by, Jenni and Miss Trashahassee! Yeah, the thought of the gecko meeting up with a caveman carrying a heavy club warms the cockles of my heart;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, security was able to stop the escalator and get it back for him.

As for the gastric bypass op, the thing with it most of us who know others who have had it, if you love food, you never really go thin or you start to gain after a plateau period of just under a year. Those who don't like food and gain weight because of other issues tend to go thinner because they aren't eating their faces off before or after the surgery. My feelings on this are that those who overeat do it out of mirad of reasons, but the two top are because they genuinely love food and don't want to miss out on anything or they eat as a way to retain control of at least one part of their lives while they feel the rest is out of their control. I hate to say this but, garbage in, garbage out. If you are fat from either of the top two reasons, what makes you think after the surgery it will be any different? Without serious behaviour modification therapy, you're wasting your time and that of the surgical team which could otherwise be working on someone whoe not only needs the surgery, but who TRULY wants it. JMO.


Anonymous said...

"As for the gastric bypass op, the thing with it most of us who know others who have had it (done feel)..."

Sorry, these missing words in the brackets should make sentence complet.


*Goddess* said...

Yeah, I've always maintained that people don't overeat because they're hungry, so addressing the problem in a way that only deals with food intake is not going to work long term. That's why the words "permanent weight loss solution" pissed me off when used to describe gastric bypass. That's not necessarily true.