Thursday, May 31, 2007

you make me feel like dancin'

FatHairyBastard tagged me for this meme. You have to pick five songs in the top-40 tunes of the year you turned 18 and then tell you how they effected your life.

I immediately ran into the same problem FHB did, in that we both turned 18 in the 70's, an era full of worthless disco drivel. So I toyed with the idea of stealing his entire post and changing some of the wording until I got to the part where he confessed liking "show tunes". Oy. Even though I loved "Jesus Christ Superstar," I am seeing FHB in a whole new light. And it ain't purdy. *LOL*

Let me say that no song has really "effected my life," except some Christian songs by Rebecca St. James, which *I* admit to liking. There. That's MY dirty little secret. But I shall do the best I can.

The first two songs on my list "You Light Up My Life," by Debby Boone and "Torn Between Two Lovers," by Mary MacGregor, have taught me that people can be very forgiving, even if the songs you put out are complete crap. Take, for instance, how the public embraced Debby and Mary when they released their second number one hits entitled "They Never Had Another Number One Hit Again." Hmmm, ok, today I learned people are complete unforgiving BASTARDS!!

The third song on my list, and one I really DO like is "Dreams," by Fleetwood Mac. It was written by Stevie Nicks, who I love, and it taught me that you don't have to sound like everyone else to be a star, and you certainly don't have to write like them. I love the first few lines, "
Now here you go again, you say you want your freedom. Well who am I to keep you down."

The fourth song I'm listing is the Star Wars Theme from Meco. That song changed my life completely in that it instantly caused me to HATE anything Star Wars or Meco related. I've lived by that creed ever since. Wookie my ass.

The fifth and final song on my list is "Dancing Queen," by ABBA. This song taught me that no matter how insipid your lyrics, if it has a good beat, people will dance to it AND buy it.

I am going to tag only one person--I'm in a generous mood today--I'm tagging WW because she lives for this sort of insanity.


Mushy said...

God, if I'd turned 18 in the 70's I would have killed myself by now! NM - No music!

But, I would only be 51, but very sad because I was born 10 years too late!

Okay...I'm saving mine for it has to be at least 10PM! It will kick your ass!

Sometimes it's good to be older than God's dog!

P.S. I noticed you were too embarrassed to post video proof! I documented mine for two, FHB said they didn't have video then, and second, I'm proud of my era!

Do you hate me now?

"You've lost that lovin' feelin'..."

*Goddess* said...

June so it has to be at least 10 p.m.? LOL! God loves us bloggers who blog ahead;)

Video proof? Of Debby Boone singing "You Light Up My Life?" Gawd, I can't do that to my readers.

BRUNO said...

Of course, Goddess, you KNOW "the Mush" is tryin' to put a face on ya'!

You had just as well give-in---'cause Mushy NEVER gives up!

Or worse still: He'll MAKE a face! NOT a pretty situation!

Besides, he's CRAZY on Friday, that's "blues-day"!

*Goddess* said...

No way, Bruno! I'm not going to open up the Silverbacks and see MY face on some fuglee body. Hell, I see that every morning in the mirror....why give everyone else the joy of seeing it?

Mushy said...

Scouts honor...that would never happen! Promise.

*Goddess* said...

Uh huh. You forget I saw "FHB's" toilet pic!

Fathairybastard said...

Hey, at least he put my head on a skinnier boddy. Coulda been worse. Probably will one day.

Damn, "you light up my life"? Wow, I thought I had it bad. But I loves the shit outa some ABBA baby. Those ladies were HOT!

You done good. I think Mushy's got us all beat though. His era was the best for music, hands down.

*Goddess* said...

Yeah Mushy had lots of good songs to choose from. "I'm Your Boogie Man" is hardly life changing for anyone...'cept KC maybe.