Monday, May 07, 2007

you don't mean nothing at all to me

Ok, I admit it. I'm driving myself crazy. I downloaded a smiley program at Smiley Central after someone told me it would allow me to slap smilies into my blog posts and forum posts. I had avoided till then thinking it was probably full of spyware. But of course, it assures people it has noooo spyware to it. Up pops a message from Avast saying I had a virus/worm thingy connected to the My Way Toolbar, something I HAD to dl to run Smiley Central. I removed the tool bar like it said--it was showing up as My Space/MyWebSearch--and did two more virus scans and an adware scan. Then today I did two MORE virus scans, another adware scan and I ran the Avast virus removal tool. I'm going to do another adware check tomorrow to see if it shows up again. If it does, then I know I haven't gotten rid of all the garbage it laid down. The more I read up on this stupid POS My Way Toolbar thing, the more nervous I'm getting EVEN THOUGH my scans keep coming back clean. I also read that the damage was to IE users. THANK GOD South badgered me into using FireFox, which I do 99% of the time. At some point, I guess I'll be able to relax, but I keep thinking there are hidden files that my anti-virus isn't catching. This is EXACTLY how I felt when I had that bacterial infection. Even though the doctor was giving me the all clear, I kept saying, "I'm going to try this one thing and then I'll be sure".... That went on for about three weeks until I finally decided I was ok.
So now I'm on a mission to tell people: DO NOT DOWNLOAD SMILEY CENTRAL!!
You have to dl the MyWay Toolbar and that's where all the trouble comes in. When I went to, it was LOADED with comments about all the spyware on this product. Unforunately, that was *after* I installed it. From now on, I'll check the reviews out first, which is something I usually do, but didn't in this case.

It never fails. This week is clean up days in the township. Ours won't be taken until Tuesday, yet Mr. G wanted to put it on on Saturday night. I'm like, "Why clutter up the yard with that junk now?" He said, "Someone might want something." I said, "Honey, who is going to want that CRAP?" FIVE MINUTES after we put it out, the neighbor's dad was picking through it and taking stuff. Last night while I was watching tv, another neighbor took our leaky water heater and exercise machine. I thinking maybe he took them for the scrap metal, I don't know.

I was watching some of Stuart Little 2 yesterday and I'm curious as to why Eleanor Little (a human) is fine with the fact that her "son" is mouse?
The whole thing was rather strange. Even the old man was like "Are the boys home yet?" "Boys"? Last time I checked mice were more in line with rodents than boys.

Annnnd somebody just took the two chairs and table off the garbage pile while I was finishing this post....

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Shrink wrapped scream said...

Be thankful! Nora foisted her son on me for babysitting duties. When I opened my laptop, it was RIDDLED WITH nasy hard, hard core porn pop-up's. I took it to the shop and explained what had happened, and the guy there just winked at me..