Friday, May 18, 2007

the war at home

Damn. Alberto Gonzales needs to resign already. Every time he opens his mouth about what he doesn't remember, he sounds dumber and dumber. I've known people with Alzheimer's who have better recall.

I stopped at the grocery store this morning to buy salad fixins' for work. Guess how much they're charging for a pound of Bing Cherries?
SIX FREAKING DOLLARS! Of course, they prettied it up by charging $5.99 a pound, but who are they kidding? That's insane.Between companies hitting us up for their gas costs and the minimum wage increases, consumers are getting zapped everywhere lately.
And when the full minimum wage increase kicks in, we're REALLY going to be feeling it. I stopped at Vitamin World the other day to buy some whey protein because I love having shakes in the summer, even though the whey hates me. The last time I bought it, it cost $25, which I thought was high. Now it's up to $32, so I took a pass. I was reading about a new protein powder on that is plant based, so I'm going to try some of that and see if it agrees with me more.
I love having a banana/strawberry/whey shake with some flaxseed oil tossed in for breakfast in the summer, but after a couple days, I get huge welts on my chest and throat. Plus, the whey is VERY constipating, so I'm hoping this new stuff will be more agreeable to my system.

I know one person who's probably damn sorry she bought me a birthday gift--Overtime Hawg. She left it for me after work yesterday and I called her last night saying I couldn't work for her on the 31st. She was like, "Ooooh," and then she went silent. I honestly think she was trying to work up some tears. Then I said, "I'm sure Boss #1 will work for you," and she said, "But then I'll lose those hours." I thought,
"After ya tried to screw me out of pay last week, do ya really think I'm going to have any sympathy for you?" 14 days off a month, you'd think she'd have PLENTY of time to schedule her damn appointments on her own time. One of my co-workers told me Boss #1 filled in her for a few hours this week because O.H. had a gyne appointment.
That's just ridiculous to be scheduling stuff like that when you're working and expect everyone to kiss your ass and fill in. Anywho, O.H. bought me a small birthstone bracelet from Avon--for AUGUST, despite the fact that this is MAY--and
a small lapel birthstone tac pin--for AUGUST. Her birthday is next week and I'm smelling the obligatory box of candy. Ya know this bullshit has to be a female thing.
I NEVER hear any of my guy friends say, "JoeBlow bought me some aftershave for my birthday so now I have to buy him a damn gift, even though I don't even like him!" No, guys have the common sense and the smarts NOT to buy gifts for people they don't like. C.P. told me he's going to donate to a charity in my name for my birthday gift, and I told him I'd slap him right upside the head if he even THINKS about doing that.
Last time I checked my last name wasn't Rockafeller. I'm not some rich person who can afford to take a pass on their birthday gift. I'm a greedy, gift loving chick and my favorite charity is M.E.
Mr. G is pissed because when Female Offspring #1 graduated h.s., the neighbors gave her $25, and now that their son is graduating, I sent him $25.
He said, "We're just passing money back and forth!"
I said, "Of course we are. Now play nice. Besides, high school graduations aren't a get rich quick scheme."


The Enforcer said...

Uhhhhhm, no birthday gift for OH, let her stew, it will be fun for you to watch and I cant wait to hear the blog about her melting down when she doesnt get nuthing :)and I will never figgure out why chicks do the whole I hate her but I gotta get her some godiva chocolates cause its the 5th anniversary of her chihuha getting that boyle lanced thing.
Ohh, and I donated money in your name to a local adult video store, happy birthday =)
I'm pretty sure Mr G is right those damned graduations are nothing but a pyramid scheme, I'm gonna have Bunko check that out. (Ya never hear the term bunko anymore do ya?)

Anyways Happy Birthday Hun and many more, Cheers!!!!!

bugs said...

Damn, you like me and all I got for my birthday was a card.

I wouldn't get her shit. Well, I may actually give her a bag of shit, but that would just be mean.

*Goddess* said...

I can't help it, Bugs! I feel OBLIGATED!! Mr. G says, "I can't believe she doesn't hear it in your voice how much you dislike her." Yeah, she's dense that way....LOL!

Thanks for the congrats and the "contribution," Frank....LOL. Hope it was GOOD porn, at least.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but how does having the boss cover your hours make her stress out about losing those hours? You know, the hours she already isn't planning to work? Does it affect the scheduling of future hours every time she takes time off? Does she get penalised for not being there to work her own shift hours somehow? I'm lost as to why she would lose hours she doesn't plan to work anyway? As for the furture hours, doesn't sound like she wants to do any work anyway, so if I were the boss I wouldn't give her any overtime -- ever!


Anonymous said...

Oh, and happy birtday. Where's the url to your Amazon list, woman?


*Goddess* said...

O.H. works the same hours I do when I'm off and vice versa, so the only way she can be "off" and not lose money/time is to switch days with me. There are two chicks who work daylight hours and two who work nights. If I refuse and the boss has to fill in for her, she'll lose those hours because she'll have no way of making it up, because I'll be working.
I had this arrangement with the person who worked here previously and we ONLY used it in emergencies, like death or serious illness. I can think of maybe two times in the three years she worked here, that we switched.
This farking twit thinks she can do it every damn week. The WORST was when she wanted me to work a Friday before Christmas for her AFTER she had just had seven days off, so she could frigging BAKE PIES.
Thanks and I don't have an Amazon list:( Never did.

Shrink wrapped scream said...

Hey Goddess,

Happy birthday, hon! Yeah, I'm with you on the pressie front. I'd rather get nothing, than a lump of crap.. I mean, if it's the thought that counts, what the hell does that person actually think of you, to even consider passing on that heap of junk on to you?