Saturday, May 12, 2007

tuvalu, how are you?

I love the country stats on my main site. Recently I discovered I had gotten close to 150 hits this month from Tuvalu.

Where is Tuvalu, you ask? At first, I thought it was near Memphis, home of that peanut butter/banana lovin' Elvis, but then I realized I was thinking of Tupelo. I also realized Tupelo is in Mississippi, not Memphis, and where Becky Thompson bought a store, if Bobbie Gentry is to be believed. I also discovered I really should have been paying better attention in geography class.

Anywho, long story short Tuvalu is a Polynesian Island nation located in the Pacific Ocean midway 'tween Hawaii and Australia. Why is this so very important? It isn't. I was just freaked to be getting hits from there.


Jay said...

What might be happening is that someone is using a program that "spoofs" their real IP address so they can surf anonymously.

Say I use this program. Your stats say you got hits from Vatican City, but really it was me in Canada.

Sorry G. I don'tthink any Tuvaluers (Tuvaluians? Tuvaluites?) are visiting your site.

BTW, the word verification thingy gave me "iofux." Kinda dirty, no? :-p

*Goddess* said...

Not true! I just got this email..."Dear Goddess, we LOVE YOU in TUVALU!!"
okok, maybe

Anonymous said...

I believe that Tuvalu is used as a home base by spammers due to lax laws. I've also heard that it's a popular domain because its addresses end in .tv

*Goddess* said...

Ok, now you guys are just needlessly stomping on my hopes and dreams of a huge fan base all over the world....LOL!