Sunday, May 27, 2007

Thank You, Bruno!

Bruno has inadvertently given me an EXCELLENT IDEA for a summer project for the offspring this year. Besides their summer ritual of tying each other to trees, I mean. Yesterday I purchased this....

And the little beauty only cost me $3000, plus the cost of 849 boxes of Brillo Pads. It's already paying off in dividends, though. The offspring had to push the tractor the whole way home--it doesn't run, that's why I got such a terrific deal on it--and they're still in bed at 2:30 p.m., exhausted from the accidental exercise. As you can see, there's a little bit of rust the offspring are going to have to get rid of before they can shine 'er up! Awww, the sweet, sweet sounds of summer silence....

Over on MSN. com, they were discussing home schooling pros and cons.
I thought about this very subject long and hard when my offspring began reaching school age. I wanted to be sure they got the best education they could because let's face it, dumb kids never leave home. They have a tendency to borrow money because those minimum wage jobs don't pay well,
and they have a disgusting habit of moving their baby daddies in with mom and dad, too.
Here's the list I came up with:
My pros for home schooling:

Offspring are gone 8 hours a day
My cons:
Offspring are home an extra 8 hours a day.
The choice was obvious to me: public school.


BRUNO said...

Well, I knew it had to be MY number that was comin'-up one of these days! And YOU pulled-it!!! It looks about like the one I'm tryin' to restore over the next couple of years!

I would ask you if it's an M-Farmall, or an H-Farmall---but I figure you'd be underneath it lookin' for balls, or lips, so I won't bother...!

Never mind---I see the H on the side!!! And, YES, I'm savin' the picture! Wish I had that thing HERE, in the FLESH, so to speak...!

Thanks, Goddess! I LIVE to collect these things!

BRUNO said...

Oh, and BTW---you might wish you actually DID have this thing! You'd be amazed how much some of us jackasses would pay you for it, runnin' or not!

But, I'm afraid the $3000.00 MIGHT BE a bit steep---could ya' live with $500.00???

*Goddess* said...

Now don't you be coveting MY tractor, Bruno...LOL!

*Goddess* said...

Danged if there ISN'T an H on the side. Never saw that until you mentioned it.

BRUNO said...

I SMELLED that H on there, BEFORE I saw it!

It's the sign of an over-dedicated restorer! You develop a FEEL for "Old Iron" like these!