Saturday, May 12, 2007

the sun is shinin' although it's raining in my heart

After my Tuvalu post ran, and Jay bashed my hopes of having adoring fans in Tuvalu, I received this email,

"Dear Goddess Mon,
I be from the island of Tuvalu and I be reading your posts every day, mon. I be sittin' back with me Bob Marley records and me marijuana cigarettes laughing at your updates. I be passing your url on to all my friends here in Tuvalu and we be logging on every day, mon. Just this mornin' I listened to me reggae records and I said to me friends, "Goddess mon be getting funnier every day!"
Take care Goddess Mon!"

Wrong islands, my uneducated offspring. Did you think I wouldn't recognize our email addy?! And did you think flattery would work? (Ok, usually it does....) You are SO not getting out of updating for me tomorrow, so START WRITING!!!

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