Friday, May 18, 2007

one day and counting....

Damn you, Blogger,for switching positions of the "save as draft" and "publish post" buttons!! Damn you to hell!

These appliance companies get you coming and going. My boss bought a new fridge in November and it has the cold water/ice feature on it. The filter already needs replaced and it costs $40. So it's not bad enough that she shelled out over one thousand dollars for the fridge, now she'll need to pay $80 a year for water filters. I keep telling her to forget it and run it without a filter like it says you can do in the manual. Yes, for once, I READ THE MANUAL!!

I was flipping through channels yesterday afternoon and I came across JTV--Jewelry Television. They were showing a
10kt gold, 1/2 carat champagne diamond ring, and the chick said, "This ring will change your life."
Really? Nothing less than a 18kt gold, 5 carat diamond is going to change this Goddess' life, lady.

I bought one of those SpiderMan Web Blasters. Not for the offspring, for me. What a great idea! You squeeze the trigger and it shoots and spins a web. Yesterday when
Female Offspring #8 and Male Offspring #8 were getting into EVERYTHING, I shot a web around them and they couldn't get into a damn thing.
I think they should change the title of this toy to SpiderMan Web Blasters: the Mommy's Little Helper Edition.

A couple of interesting things on the news this morning. A local doctor is being investigated and no one seems to know why. The police cordoned off his office and home, and began taking things from inside. The news crew arrived and the reporter said the police refused to tell her what was happening. SO dipshit proceeds to ask bystanders what's happening. Oy vey! If the damn cops won't say, how is JoeBlowSchmoe supposed to know? So all we heard was a bunch of people saying "I have no idea what's happening."
The funniest was a woman who said, "I went over and asked the cops what was going on, but they refused to tell me."
Hell, even I have the intelligence and the sensitivity to send one of the offspring over and get them to ask.
The other interesting thing on the news was the mention of gas prices rising eleven cents overnight.
The announcer says, "Check out our website where we have a handy gas calculator. You can figure out
how much your next fill up will cost. " Gee, I'm thinking eleven cents more a gallon than the last time ya filled up.