Friday, May 04, 2007

My New Book!!

Create Your Own Cover at


Shrink wrapped scream said...

I want an autographed copy, and I want it NOW. When's it coming out, and where can I buy it? Are you doing the usual circuit - The Letterman Show, Oprah, (Jeremy Springer)???

Ye gods, girl, I'm having a hot flush now - shouldn't do these things to a pre-menapausal woman.. I'M SOO EXCITED!

(ps.Do I get any credits??)

*Goddess* said...

Forget Oprah. I'm aiming for The Colbert Report since Stephen's such a hottie.

Dang. I just realized I should have had you take my picture for the book! I could have gotten all dolled up with my teased hair, stretch pants and high heels and ...oh, wait. There's already one "dummie" on the cover. We don't need another one.

BRUNO said...

Ain't nuthin' showin', so I'm afraid to let MY tongue hang out! Probably be some damned naked MALE Hott Cop......!

*Goddess* said...

Bruno, you should know by now that if ya want "naked," you have to go to Mushy's site;)