Sunday, May 06, 2007

moons over my hammy

What happened to Oscar De LaHoya?! He got the crap beat out of him last night. Mr. G felt the fight should never even have happened because LaHoya hasn't been fighting well, and he thinks
Oscar's "charm" is the only reason he was even offered the match.
Since it was such a big money maker, he's also saying they'll probably have a rematch.
I don't think Oscar's getting by on his charm at all. I think he's getting by on his hott looks and fab-ooo-lous body.

I love that commercial for where the little girl is outside coloring while
her grandpa sleeps beside her. She takes her grape stem and runs it under her
grandfather's nose until he slaps himself in the face, then she
pretends to be coloring innocently when he looks at her.

Why do celebrities think it's so hilarious to talk about
their gas problems and belch obnoxiously on their reality shows? Ugh.
Whitless used to talk about "taking a dump" all the time, which is totally crass.
I was flipping channels and heard Tori Spelling talking about
the uncontrollable gas she had during sex. And there's nothing more lovely than hearing a chick belch like a drunken sailor.
I did laugh hysterically, however, when Tori said her unborn baby looked like Satan on the ultrasound pics.
I only watched a little of Jessica Simpson's "reality" show, but I see the simliarities. They're making Tori out to be a total idiot
and her husband is this all suffering guy who puts up with her stupidity. So typical of celebs that Dean was kicking the paparazzi off of their property and even called the cops on them, but when he wanted to pimp the opening of their B&B, they had a meet and greet with ...HELLO..the paparazzi.
BTW, Tori Spelling should NOT be wearing pigtails at her age.

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