Tuesday, May 22, 2007

microsoft buys firefox!!

Check out the top 25 web hoaxes and pranks. Tell the truth now....how many have YOU fallen for? South got me on #14. But there are many I've never heard of.

Jason Jones to Jon Stewart, when Stewart asked him what we need
to do about the Middle East crisis: "What 'we', Jon? I'm Canadian. Everybody loves us. We're like the world's gay friend."

I love that Vonage commercial where random folks are discussing how great it is, and the one guy says, "Nobody ever says 'hey, are you on VOIB'?"
That's because nobody knows what the hell VOIB is.

I saw a story on CNN this morning about a guy who was arrested for driving his houseboat while drunk. Hey! Don't judge him harshly! I won't say who, but some of us have been known to drive our trailers while drunk...

Stephen Colbert, discussing the Pope and poverty: "He knows about poverty. The Vatican is filled with priceless paintings on the subject."

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