Sunday, May 13, 2007

it's mommy's day!!

This is Female Offspring #2, the txt msgr queen writing the PU's update. The PU better appreci8 this because I M tkng time from my busy txt msging schedule 2 write this & I H8 losing txt time. Mom thinks I txt 2 much. She says we need more F2F conversations. IMNERHO, I think she needs to GAL. FWIW, our relationship is OK, & she needs 2 chill. DQMOT, but most mothers & daughters don't get along & we're no different, AFAIC. We have r good daze & bad. Most yrs we buy Mom something she likes on MD like cake & candy. This yrs gft was my idea: a cert 4 an all expenses paid colonoscopy. We can't wa8 2 c the look on her face when she gets it. The colonoscopy, that is. I M SFETE thinking about it and Female Offspring #3 is GIGH. Keep UR fingers crossed there R pics 4 us to post onlne. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!! TTFN XOXO EOM


Anonymous said...

Okay, my eyes started to glaze over the abbreviated texting somewhere after the second sentence. Oy ve. :-)

Happy Mother's Day.


bugs said...

Jeeze....can you translate that? I'm with Stacey, that hurt my eyes.

Hope you had a good day, G!

Anonymous said...

This totally reminds me of that commerical where the mother calls her daughter in to explain all of her texting expenses and then tells her she's cutting her off and the daughter stops off screaming it's not fair and the mother says paying the high bill is what's not fair, all the while there are running captions to translate the kid's abbrieviated talking skillz. I think it's a Sprint commerical.


phaseoutgirl said...

Happy Mom's day Goddess! I have a teenage daughter too, and caught a bit of that, but not all of it..



*Goddess* said...

Hey, Stacey, at least the commercial offers a translation!

Happy Mom's Day to you, too, Cecilia....and Bugs!

bugs said...

I love that commercial. I've been waling around for days trying to work "IDK my BFF Jill?" into every conversation that I can.