Saturday, May 26, 2007

it's beginning to look a lot like summer

I can't believe how popular I am with the ladies these days. At times like this I almost resent the men with their big schwangs. (Not to be confused with their big Schwinns) Veronika emailed me and said she was interested in meeting me, because she wanted to "create a strong family" with me. She's 27 y.o. and she lives in Russia. She asked me if visiting Russia was in my future. I'm very happy to tell you, Veronika, that YES! visiting Russia IS in my future.....much the same as becoming a leggy supermodel is in my future.

Female Offspring #2 sent me an email with a link to take a quiz entitled, "Are You A Slacker Mom?"
Yeah, like I have to take a test to figure that one out.


Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

What, you don't want to come over here, then? A relaxing break, surrounded by a scud of kids, demented pets, shitty loo's, lots of rain, and a 47yr old lush locked in the shed? Don't know what your missing, my friend!

*Goddess* said...

Hey, if it was so fun over there, nobody would be locked in a shed drinking....LOL!