Monday, May 14, 2007

in English this time, please........

Female Offspring #2 translated her Mother's Day post into ENGLISH for me. Here ya go:

This is Female Offspring #2, the text messenger queen writing the parental unit's update. The parental unit better appreciate this because I am taking time from my busy text messaging schedule to write this and I hate losing text time. Mom thinks I text too much. She says we need more face to face conversations. In my never even remotely humble opinion, I think she needs to get a life. For what it's worth, our relationship is okay, and she needs to chill. Don't quote me on this, but most mothers and daughters don't get along and we're no different, as far as I can see. We have our good days nd bad. Most years we buy Mom something she likes on Mother's Day like cake and candy. This year's gife was my idea: a certificate for an all expenses paid colonoscopy. We can't wait to see the look on her face when she gets it. The colonoscopy, that is. I am smiliing from ear to ear thinking about it and Female Offspring #3 is giggling hard. Keep your fingers crossed there are pics for us to post online. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!! Ta ta for now. Hugs and kisses. End of message.

And she gets mad when I say she texts too much.........................W/E! LOL.

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Shrink wrapped scream said...

Wow, colonoscopy, eh? Shit. And I thought my kids hated me..

Nice to meet the chip off the old block, though. (Why do we never get told all these things when we first get pregnant?)