Friday, May 25, 2007

if you're going my way i wanna drive it all night long

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MUSHY! Don't do anything I wouldn't do....gawd, it's gonna be a boring birthday for you.

I was watching the Today Show yesterday morning and they had a story about a 60 year old couple who had just given birth to twins. I don't know why this story appalled me so much. I'm a woman. I should celebrate the fact that my fellow females are able to give birth if they want, but GEEZ, I just can't work up the enthusiam for this.
I keep thinking back to when I was graduating high school and my parents were in their 60's. As a matter of fact, my dad retired at 65 the year I graduated. I remember a fellow classmate
saying, "Oh, that's so nice your grandparents came to your graduation." And I'm like, "Damn. That's not my grandparents. That's my mother and dad."
Nobody feels like their parents understand them, but when they're forty years older than you are, you really feel they don't get you.
These kids have parents SIXTY years older than they are. How in the world are you going to be able to keep up with active toddlers when you're 63? 64? Any woman who says it's not a problem is not being honest. It's just fact that you're not as limber and agile at 60 as you are at 20 or 30. You don't have the same energy levels. I guess also there's the part of me that just can't figure out why you'd WANT kids when you reach your 60's, a time when you can finally kick back and enjoy your life. Just because we want something, that doesn't mean it's the right thing to do.

So I received this email.
i am here sitting in the interneat caffe. Found your email and
decided to write. I might be coming to your place in 14 days,
so I decided to email you. May be we can meet? I am 25 y.o.
girl. I have a picture if you want. No need to reply here as
this is not my email. Write me at"
a. What's an "interneat caffe"? is that the opposite of an "intermessy caffe"?
b. Unless she's dragging a 45 y.o. cop with her for me to enjoy, why the fark would I want to meet a 25 y.o. girl?
c. She's coming to my place? How the hell does she know where my place is? And more importantly, knowing where my place is, why would she still want to come here? The mind boggles.
d. Is 'sprang' a word? Spring, sprang, has sprung?
e. How many people will fall for this bullshit and end up on some spam email list just because they think they'll get a pic of 25 y.o. in return?
f. And now that I've put the addy on my site, will the spammers get spammed? Sweet! But I doubt it...

Wow. I made the supreme mistake of joking about the Tennessee State Trooper who was sexed up along the highway on one site and damn, I got some gal's panties in a wad. She thought it was a disgrace! A disgrace, I tells ya! And there was nothing at all funny about it. Granted, it wasn't an exemplary moment in his life, but puhleeze. People are murdered every day,
but one of their state troopers gets a blowjob and everybody's outraged? Give me a break.


Dustin said...

The 60 yr olds giving birth to twins irks me. Sure, some people live to be a ripe old age, but these people will probably never see their own grandchildren from these twins, and what if something happens to the actual parents? If they have other kids, they end up raising them instead, or other family, or the end up in the system. 60 imho is WAY too old to have children, imo anything over 50 is. The average lifespan of a human adult if I remember is 85. That means that when these kids are 15, their parents will most likely be dead....Its extremely rediculous to be so selfish and bring children into this world at that age.

*Goddess* said...

Even in my case, in which my parents were 20 years younger than these people, my older siblings were the ones that took care of me. As a matter of fact, the one phrase I remember the most from my childhood was "I'm busy, go ask your sisters to help you." And she had twenty more years of energy on this lady at that point in time. I feel bad for siblings when they're used as free babysitters. It's just not right.

Mushy said...

Thanks for the well wishes!

It ain't nothing anymore to be 60 or 61! It's like the new 40 or something...I don't act like my parents did at 60 and my dad didn't even make it that long.

Tell that girl to come on down...I'd love to meet you both at, that's what I call a birthday present!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Those 60yr olds are just having a laugh, aren't they? Jeez, I'd take a gun and shoot myself if I got pregnant now, and I'm only 47. Come to think of it, if they'd wanted one that bad, hell - I would've let them have one of mine, for free!

*Goddess* said...

I would, too. I can't even THINK about getting pregnant at 48. YUCK!