Sunday, May 20, 2007

Houston, we have achieved birthday status!!

"Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
I looooove hott cops and ....'s my birrrrthday, too."
It doesn't have to rhyme, damn it!
It's my birthday!
My age, you ask? I am officially one year older than I was last year.

The dancing penis is going to help me celebrate---->

I was listening to the radio on the way to work this morning and I heard a commercial for They GUARANTEE you a match within 6 months.
Yes, I can see it now:
Psycho applying for the perfect woman: "List your favorite activities: I enjoy murdering people, cooking them on my stove and putting them in my freezer to gnosh on at a later date." "We've found the perfect match for you! She sells appliances for a living!"

Ok for some funky reason Blogger keeps changing the comments thingy to "don't allow." ARRRGGGHHH!!


copluvr said...

happy bday, G! may all the cops be hott!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 29th birthday and holding, Goddesss!!


*Goddess* said...

Thanks, T, and Stacey! This morning Mr. G wished me a "Happy 50th"...har har. I said, "Fine, but you're ten years older than I am, so if I'm fifty, let me just say, hello, old man!"

Mushy said...

I baked you a cake...but I ate it!

*Goddess* said...

Gee, thanks. At least tell me what kind of cake it was!

BRUNO said...

I STILL think the "dancing-penis" looks more like a bent pop-rivet!

But, hey---any old port in a storm!!!

*Goddess* said...

That's cuz he's not dancing, damn it. And the splooge is just one steady stream. I don't know why. Usually gifs work on Blogger. But the one time I want the penis to dance...sigh. Just like real life. Never does what ya want it to WHEN you want it to;)